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May 29, 2013 07:45 PM

How much cheese to buy for a wedding

We're hosting a wedding for our daughter and the Caterer is providing 3 hot appetizers.... we'll be providing cheese and fruit. My daughter used to work for a place that will order the cheese for us and she knows which ones she wants, but neither one of us knows how much to order. There will be approx 160 guests...HELP!

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  1. I've seen estimates ranging from 1 to 6 oz per person for cheese platters. With three apps and fruit, I would think 2-3 oz per person.

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    1. Kim - You may get more responses if you post this question on the General Topics or Home Cooking boards. There are a few caterers that participate on those boards that could probably help you. In the meantime, this site might help.

      1. Assuming a full buffet or sitdown meal afterwards, get 1-2 oz per person. Assuming apps only, triple it. Would recommend for that many people, set out two plates of 2-3 cheeses, each the same 2-3 cheeses, and be able to replace with another of the same two plates when necessary. People are hard on cheese plates and they look picked over very fast. Cubing works with fruit but always looks cheesy.

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          "Cheesy" -- lol! Levity aside, Delucacheesemonger always has good advice.

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            Thank you so very much. I truly appreciate the input! We'll try and not make it too "cheesy"! lol

          2. Buy an extra two pounds of each type of cheese. One type will disappear off the trays, while another will hardly be touched. Am looking forward to your thread that will be asking how to use 4 pounds of leftover cubed cheese.

            And what type of cheeses does she prefer? Just being nosey.

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              Most of my favorite cheeses don't lend themselves to cubism, although I recall poking toothpick holes in jack cheddar cubes and starting a dice game at a cocktail party years ago.

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                I know this to be true! My daughter is a "cheese hound" she loves all kinds.... if there is any left, and I'm sure there will be, she'll take care of it! I truly appreciate all the input. We're having a "rustic" theme.... any ideas for serving? Just thought I'd throw that out there now that I'm going with about 2oz pp

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                  Since you're going with "rustic", serving whole wheels would be an easy way to go. You can find small-ish wheels of certain cheeses in the 4 to 8 pound range. So if you go with 2.5oz pp, that's 25 lbs of cheese. 3-4 varieties will do you.

                  Grape leaves, branches, large cabbage leaves, kale... grapes... all great backgrounds. Set out the wheels on cake plates or platters at different levels with appropriate serving tools and let the guests help themselves.

                  Cashel Blue is a nice 4 lb wheel and most blues are in the 5lb range, Delice de Bourgogne is wonderful for a wedding and is in the 3-4lb range, Goudas are typically in 10lb wheels and please most everyone. Work with a local cheese monger to narrow down your selections and ask them to order full wheels for you. They may give you a larger break on pricing if they don't have to cut and wrap for you. I did a wedding a few years back and found a picture of the setup. I helped with serving but the guests mostly helped themselves.

                  Also look up "cheese wedding cake" in search engines and you'll get some ideas for stacking. You'd probably need a server for the stacked cake sort of setup though.

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                    Sushiq, that photo is a thing of beauty!

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                      Thanks Hill! It was a fun wedding in a vineyard so lots of great backdrops and props. And tasty cheese!

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                        Oh wow, I bet ALL the photos were beautiful! The cheese was a (big) bonus :)

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                      Thank you Sushiqueen36! Great ideas and I loved the pic of the cheese wedding cake! I will keep them all in mind when we decide how to set up.

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                        Agree with the elegance and efficacy of serving wedges or even whole rounds.

                        One other thing with cheese plates: do make sure there are dedicated cheese knives/spatulas/spoons/servers for each cheese/wedge/round. Getting blue in the triple crème is a bit too rustic : -).

                        If you can stretch to it, consider adding some condiments as well, like a lovely fig spread. Dried fruit or whole nuts are nice too.

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                            As much as I like cornichons, I don't think they go with all cheeses. LOVE them with raclette however.