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May 29, 2013 07:24 PM

All-Clad VIP Factory Sale?

So I got an email today from All-Clad saying that because I had purchased and registered All-Clad items in the past, I was invited to what was billed as some sort of exclusive online sale from June 21 to 22.

Was just wondering if anyone else has heard about this in the past and/or purchased anything? Are there any real deals? Is it worth checking out?

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  1. I haven't gotten an email yet from any of my past purchases. I don't see any more All-Clad in my future though so it is more of a curiosity thing at this point.

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    1. re: Sid Post

      In order to get their emails, you have to had registered your product online & opted into their database.

    2. They typically have a sale at the Cannonsburg plant once or twice a year for seconds, damaged, and discontinued items. This may be part of it.

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      1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

        a VIP version? that would be great..

        1. re: filtered

          I just logged into the sale to see what it was like. It's discounts on pans with "slight/minor cosmetic damage" like scratches and dents. They give a few example photos and it doesn't look that bad, although ordering one would without seeing it would definitely be a slight risk...I am contemplating getting the 8 quart stockpot as I've been eyeing a new stockpot for a while, and this one is $149.99 marked down from $320. A huge enough savings to justify some cosmetic damage.

          1. re: arielleeve

            This is part of the plant sale. I've purchased most of my pieces at discount as seconds from places like Marshalls and TJMaxx at similar prices. The blemishes are usually exactly what they show in the pictures on the allclad vip sale site.
            There has been no difference in performance of my seconds compared to the few pieces of firsts I have.

            Hope this helps some.

            1. re: grnidkjun

              I've never seen All-Clad at my local discount stores. Lucky you. Your stores must get good inventory.

            2. re: arielleeve

              I had the fortune to be in Pittsburgh the weekend of the sale. Prices were generally 66% off the listed regular price. A d5 non stick 8qt stock was $120. I managed to find copies with no noticible issues.

        2. I found this link with password for anyone interested.

          1. Those are hardly good deals. eBay has been prices on first quality product than this factory sale has on seconds and damaged product.

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            1. re: NotJuliaChild

              You think so? I looked on ebay and didn't find anything as low as $150 for an 8 qt stockpot.

              1. re: NotJuliaChild

                Just putting the link on there in case anyone was interested. I am not advocating anyone buy them.

              2. i was fortunate that I was in the pittsburgh area the weekend of the all-clad factory sale. I made my way out there and picked up a few items. a 8qt stainless d5 non-stick stock pot with lid went for about $120. haven't find anything wrong with it yet.