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May 29, 2013 07:15 PM

Lunch around Santa rosa

Taking my two boy to camp on tue june 18. flying into oakland, driving up 101 through Santa Rosa (up to Mark West Springs rd). look for a lunch spot . My wife will probably want a good salad or something veggie. we are not into meat, but a nice wine list wouldn't be bad. any thoughts?

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  1. Spinster Sisters has great food, is vegetarian-friendly, and has a great wine list with a large by-the-glass selection.

    Same goes for Della Fattoria in Petaluma except the wine list is not as exciting.

    1. If you want to go more upscale Willi's Wine Bar is just off Mark West Springs rd. More of a "small plates" place. Lots of veggie selections.

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      1. re: jackiecat

        both Spinster Sisters and Willie's look good. I like the Name Willi's wine bar- it reminds me of a place by the same name (different spelling) in Paris.

        1. re: Goofy Yno

          Same spelling. They took the name off a poster, not realizing that it was a real place and still in business.

      2. Spinster Sisters is great.

        And Chloe's Cafe is in the neighborhood. Their back patio is a lovely respite from nearby 101 –