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Is Garde-Manger closed for summer?

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I'm trying to make a reservation through open table and there is no availability for more than 30 days. Tried to call directly and sent right away to the voicemail. Is the restaurant closed for some time?

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  1. I tried through Open Table a few days ago too and noticed the same thing. I didn't bother calling though.

    Their website states, "We take reservations up to 30 days in advance."

    I'm assuming at this time of the year with the start of the tourist season it's probably really tough to get a table.

    1. tried to get a reservation in April and had to wait for the 30 days so am going this weekend

      1. you can call and leave a message on the machine for specific dates and they'll call you...

        1. I wouldn't trust Open Table 100%. It doesn't seem to have ALL availabilities. Keep calling.

          1. the only problem I had with garde manger experience is that having made reservation one month ago there was not a table available for us and we had to sit at bar (were they prepare seafood platters) in a small back room. We wanted a table and they said we might get one later, but that never materialized. I found it not acceptable to have this arrangement when you make a reservation a month ago!

            1. I finally secured a reservation at Garde-Manger after numerus tentatives, but there was only bar seating left for the date I wanted.

              Is it worth it or should I re-book another day with a table seating?

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                I think it depends if you are coming from afar, how many in party, etc. The seats are not uncomfortable although high (they had hook under bar to hang purse)and there are bars in front room and in small back room (the seafood preparation bar). Atleast you were told, whereas we had booked far in advance expecting a table for easier conversation, more room. I cant speak about longer bars in front as didnt see much of that part of resto. The music did not seem too loud in backroom contrary to what others have said about noise level. The lobster poutine, pork dish, prepared drinks and dessert (name?) were very good. Busy place so expect to spend your evening there.

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                  I have sat at the bar with friends, and had excellent service. Three of us were seated around the bar's corner, which meant we could easily converse (well, over the noise of the restaurant, that is...) and had a great time. Actually preferred it to being at a table there! But YMMV.