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May 29, 2013 06:12 PM

Broken Aioli help!

So i have to turn out aioli in bulk.. Like large deli containers for a party. But when i do this i go slow incorporating my oil and it goes from creamy and smooth to gross and well not so creamy. I suspect it was over whipped.

Is there anyway i can fix this? I am using a food processor and using 5 yolks some mustard and using a large deli containers worth of oil.

Should i begin in processor and finish by hand so i dont overwhip? Or just go faster on the oil in the processor?


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  1. The usual fix for a broken mayo is some water. One reason for breaking is that there isn't enough water (or liquid containing water) to form a skin around the oil droplets. Without that separation they coalesce.

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      Do you think i am over whipping it? The texture gets kind of stringy.