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May 29, 2013 05:53 PM

Forgot the name of a great burrito place in Nashville

My husband and I went there twice last year: we were on our way to the airport and had found it on Urbanspoon under cheap eats. But now looking for it, we don't recognize any of the names. It's a funky little place in a funky little neighborhood. The best thing we had was their barbacoa torta (if I remember correctly). BBQ beef with guacamole and who-knows-what-else on a big bun. It was ginormous. They also sold those locally made Mexican popsicles, but none were available at the time we went.

Oh, I do remember that the "Naked burrito" was very popular: all these young people with plates piled high with all the fixings you'd find in a burrito--just without the tortilla.

Can anyone help?

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  1. On your way to the airport from where? Along what route? There are a million funky little Mexican/Latin places ... without knowing what part of the city, hard to pin down.

    1. Never mind--my husband found it after doing a web search on "naked burrito nashville" : Baja Burrito. We're pretty sure this is the place because of the menu on the chalkboard.

      It doesn't mention the torta or the naked burrito, but we think those were separate signs.

      At any rate, if you're in the area, you should try it!

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        Yes I know Baja, it's pretty close to my house. I would have NEVER thought of mentioning it as being "on the way to the airport." This area isn't between the airport and anything tourist-related, unless you stayed in the Brentwood or Franklin area.

        1. re: TLF

          Sorry, guess it's all relative. We live in Birmingham, AL and it was SOMEWHAT on the way to the airport. Not too much out of the way. And it will always be part of the trip now.

      2. I'm sure you have it right with Baja Burrito. The area is called Berry Hilly which is on Thompson Lane. Thompson leads you to Briley which is on the way to the airport.