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Lunch rec in Morena Hwy 5 area?

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Meeting someone for a late lunch in this area and I know there are a couple of CH favorites, just can't remember their names.

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  1. I like both Luce and Bay Park Fish Co, near Seisels, for a late lunch.

    1. I haven't been there myself but heard very good things about Kitchen 4140 for lunch

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        I have been to 4140 and enjoyed it.

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          I've been for dinner and enjoyed it. Third this

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            How about that.

            Three 'hounds that agree on one place, yet none of us wrote about it.

            I've failed.

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              You and karaethon failed, indeed, but Phee (who chimed in after your post) most certainly did review it:


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                  "Fine"? When we females say "fine", it's not a good thing.

                  However, vindication is a good thing. :)

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                    Hah! Wonder if he also rolled his eyes.

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                      It has the same tone as "Sure".

          2. JV's Mexican Food / Taco Shop.

            1. Bull's Smokin' BBQ. Feel free to bring your dog. Also Waters Fine Food and Catering has a location on Morena.

              1. Luce
                Bay Park Fish Co
                Jv's Taco shop
                Water's Fine food

                Too bad Catalina Off Shore didn't have a sushi bar..

                1. Lucce is my pick of the area, had pretty good luck with them the last few months for lunch and they have decent craft beers on tap.

                  Offshore Tavern has tater tots, however. ;)

                  1. How formal or informal?
                    For casual, I like JV's Taco Shop. Bay Park Seafood is decent.