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Ponos Burger SM

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I think I heard about this place on EaterLA, and I know there is a review currently topping the BurgerBusters blog. Stopped in today for lunch -- located on the north side of Broadway at 9th. A building to the north where you order, and a marine barracks-type structure to the south on the corner with more seating. I forgot my binders so I did without cheese -- a simple Ponos burger (5oz patty, lettuce, small tomato slice, a couple pickles) for $7+. Took my number stand and sat nearby.

A few minutes later my burger came: ordered medium-rare with a char, it came a bit more than that -- more gray/pink than pink, but still very juicy. Good burger. Drippy -- couldn't lay it back down on the cute square plate. Bun was excellent -- perfect size for the burger and nice flavor. Burger was a bit densely packed (later asked the owner whether the patties were delivered premade. he said yes but they were "in the process of working on that"). Never got the ice-water I ordered, but the burger was good enough and consumed quick enough I didn't miss it.

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  1. A review's been brewing from a visit a few weeks ago, but just hasn't formed yet. Quick opinion was that it was Umami-esque but more affordable. Surprisingly good portobello vegetarian "burger". Loved sitting in the historic Quonset hut to eat. I think they had glasses and pitchers of water for self-serv.

    1. Correction -- it is Pono Burger.

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        Better than the other misspelling. :-)

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          where size doesn't matter....

          1. I really enjoyed their french fries. I'd go back for them. I had the portobello vegetarian burger, so I can't comment on the beef patties. The portobello was flavorful.

            I met the owner. He was very gracious, helpful, and friendly.

            For those who care, their fries are cooked in non-GMO rice bran oil and the beef is organic as is the ice cream. :)