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May 29, 2013 05:26 PM

Ponos Burger SM

I think I heard about this place on EaterLA, and I know there is a review currently topping the BurgerBusters blog. Stopped in today for lunch -- located on the north side of Broadway at 9th. A building to the north where you order, and a marine barracks-type structure to the south on the corner with more seating. I forgot my binders so I did without cheese -- a simple Ponos burger (5oz patty, lettuce, small tomato slice, a couple pickles) for $7+. Took my number stand and sat nearby.

A few minutes later my burger came: ordered medium-rare with a char, it came a bit more than that -- more gray/pink than pink, but still very juicy. Good burger. Drippy -- couldn't lay it back down on the cute square plate. Bun was excellent -- perfect size for the burger and nice flavor. Burger was a bit densely packed (later asked the owner whether the patties were delivered premade. he said yes but they were "in the process of working on that"). Never got the ice-water I ordered, but the burger was good enough and consumed quick enough I didn't miss it.

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  1. A review's been brewing from a visit a few weeks ago, but just hasn't formed yet. Quick opinion was that it was Umami-esque but more affordable. Surprisingly good portobello vegetarian "burger". Loved sitting in the historic Quonset hut to eat. I think they had glasses and pitchers of water for self-serv.

    1. Correction -- it is Pono Burger.

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        Better than the other misspelling. :-)

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          where size doesn't matter....

          1. I really enjoyed their french fries. I'd go back for them. I had the portobello vegetarian burger, so I can't comment on the beef patties. The portobello was flavorful.

            I met the owner. He was very gracious, helpful, and friendly.

            For those who care, their fries are cooked in non-GMO rice bran oil and the beef is organic as is the ice cream. :)

            1. Best Burger on the Westside! Loved the fig burger ((caramelized fig jam, Brie, bacon, crushed hazelnuts, balsamic vinaigrette, arugula) and they will cook it rare! plus believe it or not FREE parking.

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                  Underground I believe. Can't wait for the Hawaiian poke place to open next door.

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                    Under the Apartment Building next door….

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                    My son had their Paniolo Burger (Kona coffee bourbon bbq sauce and onion rings and it was love at first sight….