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Feb 28, 2003 04:52 PM

redfish question

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can you buy fresh redfish around Dallas or is it protected and hence, illegal to sell ala Florida?

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  1. I've seen something called "redfish" at Central Market, but I have to believe it is not the Gulf redfish. I believe those are still protected from commercial fishing. Redfish is another name for the ocean perch caught off northeastern Canada and the U.S., so maybe that is what it is. Net/net (pun intended, of course), I think you have to personally catch redfish on a line in order to get it.

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    1. re: Kirk

      Kirk, I know you're right about the ban on commercial fishing for red drum in Texas, but do you know if it's banned in other gulf coast states?

      1. re: Greg Spence

        i'm almost certain that you can get red fish at central market. We are taling about the fish woth the trademark black spot on the fin right?

        1. re: John Scar

          I should have thought a little more about it, before declaring it unavailable. Apparently, Texas A&M is a big proponent of farm-raised red drum.

          So Central Market may indeed be selling the farm-raised stuff. I'm going to have to try some soon!

          You can learn more than you might care to by going to the link below and downloading a .pdf file of SRAC 322. As for me, I'd rather eat red fish than read about raising them.


        2. re: Greg Spence

          According to the Federal rules posted as of January 2003, commercial fishing or possession of red drum in Federal waters is illegal. My admiralty law is a bit rusty, but I don't think state regulations supercede federal law.


          1. re: Kirk

            Thanks for the resource, Kirk. I had always just looked at the TPWD site.