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May 29, 2013 01:17 PM


A small rant. If I never have to face another bowl of hummus I can die a happy woman. In this university town it is rampant as Birkenstocks. I find it boring and would trade it for a good Babba Ganouj any day. Hummus needs to go away.

We went to a pig roast 2 years ago. The host was sponsoring the pork and beer and wine the guests were to bring all of the sided. It was a very large party, very very large party. I think there was about 20 different hummus varieties on the big buffet table. maybe I should have posted this on the ICKY PARTY DISHES thread.

Now I should be thinking about what I will contribute to the roast this fall.

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  1. Were there other sides as well? Hummus is definitely not what springs to mind as a good side dish at a pig roast. Crikey.

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    1. re: pinehurst

      Yes there were and I certainly did not make hummus. I made a family favorite as an appetizer. It was a green chile cheese spread for dipping and freshly fried tortilla wedges to scoop it up with, grocery store tortilla chips are too brittle. Home fried are sturdier and can give a little chew also. More of the good corn flavor comes through.

      Yes hummus is not a dish for a pig roast. I also wondered why some of the people who showed up were vegetarians and vegans.

      1. re: Candy

        It's head-spinningly weird esp for vegans/vegetarians to be there. I agree!

        1. re: pinehurst

          As head-spinningly weird as when someone will go on a wine-tasting tour with a group of friends but not drink because they are doing the driving. Can't imagine why someone would just want to enjoy the companionship and time spent with friends.

          Not to mention that "20 different hummus varieties" sound better than green chile cheese spread.

          1. re: Chatsworth

            Chatsworth, that is odd about the wine tour!!! :-/

            I'd compare OP's scenario to folks who don't imbibe for religious reasons going to on a wine tour. I imagine it would either incense, sicken, or sadden me to be a vegan at a pig roast. (I'm not a vegan...I should use the analogy of a dog lover going to a dog fight).

            I would love to hear what sides were decent at that pig roast. Heck of a lot of hummus. Hope there were slaws, salads, and stuff aplenty.

    2. I was raised on hummus (and falafel and labneh, etc) but I can recognize that hummus has become a sort of mindless default side/snack for many people. It's the vodka soda of foods. I still appreciate it and enjoy it on occasion, but variety is the spice of life.

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        1. re: JungMann

          There's rarely a time when we don't have hummus in the house, and I've been eating it regularly for 40 years.

        2. creamy cole slaw?

          1. Candy, is it all hummus that you dislike? Have you tried edamame hummus or some of the other riffs? Is it the taste, texture or both?