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May 29, 2013 01:16 PM

Bend and Brews

We will be visiting Bend in about one week. It seems that Bend has developed into quite a mecca for beer. Any standouts for taste and any tours available? We generally like to visit smaller breweries and prefer ales and darker beers. Any recommendations for any of the breweries that serve food?

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  1. I suggest you go to as many as possible to get the full affect. There are currently 12 breweries you can go to for pints/tastings in town. A few more outside of town if you so choose.

    My 'personal' top 6 for beer:
    Crux Fermentation Project
    Bend Brewing Company
    10 Barrel
    Silver Moon

    My 'personal' top 6 for beer/food:
    Bend Brew co
    Cascade Lakes
    10 Barrel
    Old Mill Brew Werks

    My personal top 7 for beer/food/atmosphere/views:
    Worthy Brewing
    Cascade Lakes
    Good Life Brewing
    10 Barrel

    If you are coming during the weekday, almost every brewery does a 'locals night' with really cheap/amazing beer specials. Below is a good website for locals night specials