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May 29, 2013 12:30 PM

Cinchona Bark sources?

Hey there, I've had a hard time finding Cinchona Bark for, you guessed it, making my own tonic. I've tried Christina's Spices in Inman square, Cambridge Naturals in Porter, and the Modern Homebrew Emporium (they were quite a stretch but on my way home). Does anyone have any trusty sources that they know keep this stuff in stock? I need to reach out to Penzeys, they're probably my best bet. At this point, I'd take either the bark chips or powder. Thanks!

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  1. In the past I've always ordered the bark from Penn Herb and been satisfied.

    The plus with them is that they stock lots of other esoteric herbs you may or may not want for other infusions ie. wormwood, gentian, etc.

    1. I was on a similar quest a few months ago and couldn't find any in Boston. During a visit to NYC, I picked some up at the excellent Kalustyan's. (However, looking at the Penn Herb link listed by Klunco, the prices at Kalustyan's are significantly higher.)

      Note that you can purchase cinchona bark either powdered or "cut" (meaning large pieces of bark). For making tonic, I found dealing with the powder much easier than trying to grind up large pieces of bark in my spice grinder.

      1. Penzey's won't have it. Witches Weeds in Salem MA has all sorts of funky botanicals including chinchona.

        1. Do you have a recipe that you would share? I have been using Tomr's tonic concentrate, which I like, but would certainly consider making my own instead...

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            do a search on the spirits board. This is a fairly common thing.

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              I use Jeffrey Morgenthaler's recipe, and love it. It's spicy and herbal.


            2. Did you find any? If so, where?

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                FYI, Witches Weed aka Artemisia Botanicals doesn't have it anymore. The shop owner said it's been difficult to find recently.