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May 29, 2013 11:59 AM

Private / Group Dining Pricing

Hello...I'm speaking to a local steakhouse regarding a menu for our private party in a few months for about 30 of us. I've always thought the idea of the menu (in addition to convenience to the rest.) it offered a bit better pricing or perhaps items that are normally รค la carte, would be included. WHen I looked at their normal menu, I found for equal portions and identical beef we will be charged considerably higher and even higher on non beef selections. And all our salad and veggie options are also included in their normal (non private dining menu) as well. So what benefit is there for the customer by limiting their selection - other than ensuring the food is timely?

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  1. having worked in a couple of high-end steakhouses, i'll tell you this is not the norm. confront the salesperson with whom you're dealing.

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      thanks...this steakhouse has several locations here in the south. There's a few higher end and higher priced ones but this one certainly isn't cheap and has a good reputation. I'm just confused because it seems the prices would be driven by their corporate office...thanks again

      1. re: mosandefer

        there are market pricing variations, dictated by region. you won't pay the same in charlotte as you would here.

        that being said, group pricing should be advantageous to you and the sales and marketing person has room to maneuver. don't get bullied.

    2. agree with hotoynoodle here. I find this outrageous. There are plenty of decent steakhouses in the area and if this place isn't interested in a party of 30 I'd walk away in a heartbeat