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May 29, 2013 11:22 AM

OXO salad spinner

I recently decided to give up on the tons of paper towels that I would use every week to dry lettuce and buy the OXO salad spinner. It's great, but I just had a few quick questions about the best way to use. It sounds crazy but I've found that I have to spin for quite a while at least probably total of 5 or so minutes to get the lettuce dry. I quickly learned to chop it after it's dry as it seems to take longer with smaller sized leaves. Is this about how long it should take?

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  1. Maybe you are overloading it, or the lettuce is too saturated with water? I tear my lettuce into the outer bowl, fill it with water & swish before emptying it into the perforated inner bowl to drain, giving it a few good shakes as well. Return filled bowl into the outer bowl and spin away. 10 to 12 pushes drys it suffciently.

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      So far I have only added at most 1 head of butter lettuce which is just under 1/4 lb but perhaps I am oversaturating it. I didn't realize I could just use the outer bowl but usually just wash in the sink for 30 seconds to a minute or so moving the greens around and then throw it in the inner bowl after a quick shake.

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        Too lazy to wash out the sink so why not use the bowl for rinsing? :)

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          Yea, good idea, not sure why I didn't think of it...duh!

    2. Either you have too much in it and/or the leaves are too big; which prevents the water from reaching the outer bowl. I have to break up the leaves and do smaller batches with the oxo plunge spinner. My other spinner uses a pull string, spins faster, doesn't have that big middle protrusion is way better than the oxo.

      1. Sometime you just have to spin, mix, spin, mix. When you spin your lettuce in the salad spinner, water can easily leave the lettuce on the outside (close to the colander), but very challenging for the lettuce inside. So I spin for 15 seconds, stop, shuffle and then spin again...etc.

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          I pour off the water from the outer bowl after the first spin, shuffle the leaves, then spin again. The leaves aren't going to be bone dry, but there shouldn't be puddles of water in them either.

          Also, when washing, I put the leaves in the perforated inner bowl and leave that in the outer bowl. Then I fill it with water, spinning the inner bowl a bit to get the water to all parts of the leaves. Then I just lift out the inner bowl and pour off the water. I repeat the process one or twice (or thrice) depending on how dirty the lettuce is.

          1. re: AmyH

            <I pour off the water from the outer bowl after the first spin, >

            Definitely. I didn't mention it, but it is important especially if there was a lot of water.

            <Then I fill it with water, spinning the inner bowl a bit to get the water to all parts of the leaves. >

            Yeah, I do that too. :) I use it like a washing machine.

        2. I have the Oxo and usually only spin it for 20 seconds or so. But I don't ever try to get the leaves bone dry, just dry enough that they won't be soggy or dilute the dressing.

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            Same here. I never spin it as long as a minute.

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              If I want the leaves really dry, I dump them out onto a paper towel and give 'em a quick blot. It seems to very easily get rid of the last bits of water. But mostly it's good to go right out of the spinner.

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