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May 29, 2013 11:02 AM

What is this nylon mesh for?

We're renting a home that has a VERY small grass area in the back yard. Because there's no sprinkler system in that area previous tenants didn't water enough so there are open spots in the grass that are now revealing a fine nylon 'mesh' that wax apparently laid down under the grass. It had large (1") spacing but I think it may have been used to keep grass seed on place whenever it was originally planted. Is that correct?

At this point the mesh just gets in the way when we have to rake anything in that area. Any reason not to just cut it out? We MAY try to re-seed those places but will more likely use plugs from more healthy areas. Hope the pic attached is visible.

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  1. Dig it up is my vote.

    I'm pretty sure the former tenants had a dog that liked to dig, since the mesh seems way too wide to serve as grass reinforcement.

    In my area (NE) I like to use white clover seed in areas that are tough to grow grass in. Might be good if the plugs don't work.

    1. It's the netting used to grow sod. It makes it easier for the tractors to pull up long "sheets" of sod, cut them into squares, and sell them off at big box stores, i.e. Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

      It's certainly a PITA. I had to fork and rake my whole backyard to pull it all up (after a good soaking it comes up easier), and I still come across some every once in a while.

      It is definitely dangerous if you're raising chickens, as it can get them all wrapped up around their feet and neck.

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      1. re: Novelli

        Thanks. Sod was one of the things I thought it might be from. Luckily, no chickens around here. I think my son's French Bulldog might get into it though, so it's coming out as best I can do.

        1. re: Novelli

          I wonder if the yard was part of a bigger entity at one time...the space OP described seems way too small to grow strips of sod.

          1. re: pinehurst

            No. There is a very small (3' x 30') strip of grass planted at the back side of a concrete rear patio. Just a small grass area between the patio and a planter area in front of a short rear wall. I recall the property manager saying that a previous tenant had put the grass in for his dog.

            I may be understanding you but it seems that the mesh was attached to the sod that was put down there, not placed there to 'grow' sod. I've used sod before but have never seen this material in it.

            1. re: Midlife

              You're right; I meant it for sod growing, thinking the lot had been divided somewhere in it's history... but either way...if the space is that small, why put down sod in lieu of seeding? This might be the Yankee frugality of my neighbors, but only new big lawns that need to look spiffy immediately use sod. :-)

              Glad you are taking it out of the ground.

              1. re: pinehurst

                My guess he reason was exactly as you suggest....... to get spiffy, full grass immediately for the dog to ruin. ;o(year

                1. re: Midlife

                  Agree on the sod--we removed our grass a couple of years ago for xeriscaping, and we're still finding bits of the mesh to pull out.