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May 29, 2013 10:55 AM

Heights area business lunch catering for 10-15 ppl

I have a friend that is starting to do quite a few working lunches in his office, and I am checking in with the smartest food people I know to see if you guys have some good ideas for caterers.

He's looking to spend $25ish per person and hoping for salad, entree and sides, and dessert. For entrees, he's thinking along the lines of King Ranch Casserole, Fajitas, or Lasagna. Good, solid basics, with the possibility that a veggie eater will need to be accommodated every now and then.

He says he's willing to spring for the chafing dishes so all the caterers would need to bring are the pans, as this could become a 2x a week catering deal for the foreseeable future. Any great Chowhound-worthy caterers in the Heights area that could tackle this?



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    1. I know that Central Market's catering department does things like King Ranch Casserole, lasagna, etc. Not sure if they deliver, whenever I have used them, I have always picked up. I've been to several events catered by Swift + Company, which were great, but I think they focus more on special events. A friend uses Pronto Cucinino for business lunches--they deliver and that has worked well. But they may not have enough variety for a twice-a-week gig.

      1. Fresh Foods Catering does a very nice job, and will work with you to modify menu to meet your budget.

        1. The original comment has been removed