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May 29, 2013 10:17 AM

Red Lentil Excellent Again

I'm not even a veggie, but I like veggie food.

Had their Tempeh Ruben sandwich with sauerkraut and it was just spectacular. They gave me half a side salad and half an order of sweet potato fries as my side. Both were delicious.

Think pretty much every meal I've had there has been wonderful.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is one place that's been on my list forever (especially since we mostly eat veggie food at home) but that, for one reason or another I've never made it out to. Often, we just hit Life Alive. The last veg restaurant we tried, Tru Bistro, was kind of a bust for us.

    Does Red Lentil do take out?

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    1. Yes, and they are generous with the portions. I got the burrito and Thai noodle salad recently, both very nice.

      1. I don't say "wonderful" but I like the food and the atmosphere, at least when it's not freezing cold through the drape protecting the door. I would say all my meals have been both pleasing and satisfying.

        1. Went for lunch today with a friend who works around the corner - my first time. I had to get the Gobi Manchurian with a side of brown rice. Friend got a salad - I forget which one (beet?) and she thought it was just fine and hit the spot, as she wanted something light. We both munched on the gobi - it was just as good as previous posters have raved (including you, I believe). I took the words out of my (Indian) friend's when I said, "this is really good Indo-Chinese." She was just about to say the same thing at that very moment. She misses that cuisine and off the top of my head, I couldn't think of places in town that serve it but I know it's been discussed here.

          We went on the late side, just after 1 pm. Still pleasantly ~1/3 full of people and service was attentive. I can't wait to try it again.

          FYI - They serve wine and beer (don't know if that is a recent thing or not but thought I'd mention it).

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            Chinese Mirch in Framingham is all indo-chinese, FYI. Not "in town" so much, but not too far away.

          2. Been meaning to try this place for ages, it's just off my usual routes. Sounds like something worth planning for!

            Can you speak at all to how easy it is to get allergen info? I haves some food allergies & sensitivities and it is always a comfort to me to feel like I can eat out safely at a restaurant that knows its stuff.

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              I am SURE they would be sensitive to food allergy issues.