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May 29, 2013 09:25 AM

Strawberry Jam: Pomona's Vs. Ball Low Sugar Pectin Vs. Adding Higher Pectin Fruit

Hey everybody,

I've been canning for a few years, but this is the first year I tried canning strawberry jam and was really disappointed with the results. The ripe strawberry flavor was largely obliterated by full sugar jam recipes. So I tried a batch with Ball Low Sugar/No Sugar Pectin and maybe a cup of sugar for the batch and loved the improved texture/flavor.

However, I notice a distinct tartness in the finished product that wasn't in the fruit (these were locally picked verging on overripe strawberries). I'm guessing it's from the citric acid listed as the number two ingredient in the pectin. Anyone else notice this? I'm a super taster, but my regular taster husband noticed it too. My next batch, I'm going to give Pomona's a whirl. Anyone tried Pomona's? Is it more flavor neutral?

I've made up recipes before that boosted the pectin using apple peels, but that was with higher pectin fruits as the main ingredient. Anyone have a strawberry jam recipe that strictly tastes like strawberries that uses other fruit, rather than pectin to gel? I don't mind a looser texture, but I don't like to cook a jam forever (reducing the fresh taste and the yield from the produce).


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  1. I just made several batches of Strawberry Jam using 'very ripe' local strawberries and the low sugar pectin, came out very nice and sweet. I put in some extra fruit and it still was a good consistency.

    1. I have really started to enjoy Pomona's...I used it in multiple batches of strawberry jalapeno jam last year and I really appreciated being able to use variable amount of sugar. And this is probably obvious, but freezer jam can be better for strawberries-I think you're dealing with a combination of the sugar and the cooking, and cooking isn't particularly good to strawberries.