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May 29, 2013 07:33 AM

Three nights in Bologna

My wife and I just spent three nights in Bologna.

First night, very nice place to dine
Trattoria Battibecco
Via Battibecco, 4/b, 40123, Bologna

A little wine bar, right next to the above. Nothing special, but we had time to kill before the restaurant opened.
Via Battibecco, 4c, 40123, Bologna

Traditional, nothing too fancy, but we enjoyed it. (Sunday night, not a lot open to choose from.
)Trattoria La Corte Galluzzi
Corte Galluzzi, 7/B, 40124 Bologna

Last night in town, very nice! Definitely do recommend.
Ristorante Teresina
Via Oberdan, 4, 40126, Bologna

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  1. turbowine - thanks for your recommendations. Can you give any information on the per person cost for these restaurants?

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    1. re: RCF

      Trattoria La Corte Galluzzi: 94 euros for two, including a 28 euro bottle of wine and two glasses of grappa after dinner

      Ristorante Teresina: 85 euros for two, including a 27 euro bottle of wine

      Trattoria Battibecco: 143 euro for two, including a 40 euro bottle of wine and two glasses of grappa after dinner

    2. Thanks, turbowine - very helpful.