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May 29, 2013 07:17 AM

Good Pub for Lunch in the East End

Looking for a good pub with patio for a staff lunch in The Beaches/Leslieville/East Danforth area. Have tried Murphy's Law and Lion on the Beach and been disappointed by the food.

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  1. McGugan's has a new, massive patio. It's at Jones/Gerrard, right on the Carlton streetcar line.

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    1. re: biggreenmatt

      We were at McGugan's on Saturday. The patio out the back was open and they said the rooftop patio was officially opening this Thursday (weather permitting) and the patio will be open until 2am! (not like Ceili Cottage where you have to go inside at 11 because of their patio license rules). We shared the appetizer platter at McGugans which was a combination of a scotch egg, about 6 pieces of calamari, 2 bland, chewy chicken wings, 2 haggis balls, some carrots and celery and about 10 limp fries. Of these I would only order the scotch egg again so it was disappointing. Previously I have had the bangers and mash there and did enjoy it.

      For good food my pick would be Auld Spot, but possibly not far enough east on Danforth for you.

    2. Celi Cottage would be my pick.

      I'll throw in Allen's only for the patio which is lovely. Food and service is unpredictable.

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      1. re: millygirl

        Ceili only open lunch on weekends iirc.

      2. Lil Baci has a backyard patio and OK pizza. Open lunch.

        1. Morgan's at Danforth and Greenwood is pretty yummy and have a lunch prix fixe.

          1. Thanks everyone! There are a few here that we'll have to try.