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May 29, 2013 06:52 AM

Centre Street Sanctuary

We've been eagerly anticipating the opening of Centre Street Sanctuary: Since they serve until 11:30pm, 4 of us stopped in for dinner last night around 10:30.

The space:
Divided in two by a large bar, there is dinner seating on the right and a bar with high tops on the left. There are two tvs over the bar. Due to the music, our side was a bit loud, but we could still hold a conversation.

Everyone was very welcoming and enthusiastic. The food could have come out slightly sooner, but it's opening night - I'm not going to mark them down for that.

The menu:
A limited tap menu, but good bottle selection for beer. I ordered a glass of wine that was easily the largest I've ever seen poured at a restaurant. Way to make friends, Sanctuary.

Appetizers are between $5 and $10 - huge plates appeared out of the kitchen and the wings looked especially good - I need to try those next time. Entrees are between $15 and $20 - each protein is served with your choice of side. There is also a page of "Chef's Creations" with more composed dishes like etouffee. There are only 3 or so vegetarian options on the menu, which is friendlier than The Haven's late night menu, but still a little limited. I suppose you could make a meal out of the sides though.

The food:
Our vegetarian friend had some sort of cheese appetizer - there was fried cheese and unfried cheese. There was bread. There were onions and pickles and jams and things.
For our proteins, we chose: hanger steak, duck breast, and lamb top round. The temperatures on each was perfect. Our favorite was probably hanger steak with demi glace - just a great, flavorful piece of meat. My lamb with yogurt mint sauce was competent, but perhaps the duck could have received a bit more rendering. Roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes were well seasoned.

Overall, I'm looking forward to returning and trying out the rest of the menu.

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  1. I hadn't heard about this restaurant, but the on line menu looks very appealing!

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      Yes! They opened last night. I love the atmosphere and food. They have healthy choices and if you want not so healthy like gravy fries, well-they have that too. The staff was very friendly and upbeat. We took our kids and the kids menu was the best we've ever seen. There are about 5 choices for kids meals and the quality of the food (and price) was outstanding. I'm definatly going back with my pals and my family.

      1. re: Grassroots

        What were the options on the kids menu?

        1. re: sallyt

          Chicken noodle soup, hamburger & fries( a handmade burger, not a frozen pattie), grilled chicken with your choice of several veggie sides. We chose mashed and carrots for our kids. There were 2 or 3 other selections but I can't remember what they were-maybe Mac & cheese.

    2. A friend and I tried this place yesterday, and Our Mileage Varied from yours... Overcooked burger sliders (no one asked us how well done we wanted them), overly peppered lamb satay, uninspired salad of mixed greens (props for giving me lemon *wedges* for the salad when I asked for them, though, as opposed to the more common lemon slices, which are impossible to squeeze). There were also flies buzzing around our food--not too appealing..

      We came away rather underwhemled, despite the friendly waitstaff and a promising atmosphere. They offered us an evaluation questionnaire at the end, and they seem earnest in their efforts, so hopefully they will get the kinks worked out.

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      1. re: calisson

        That's a bummer! I'm going to try it out again this week to see how the appetizers are.

      2. Sanctuary Round 2:
        Chicken wings - tamari, molasses, cilantro, chives, squeeze of lime - sticky, nice balance of flavors. Also, there are an insane number of wings on the plate for $9.

        Natural burger sliders - Natural beef patties, muenster cheese, house made bacon, tomato confit, lemon dressed arugula - other than the rock hard bread from Blue Frog (whose baked goods I am not a fan of), these were excellent. My DC ended up take the mini delights off of the bread and eating them with a fork and knife. Delicious house made bacon and a nice pink middle to the meat - something you often don't get in sliders

        Not bad, but not extraordinary:
        Seasonal hand rolled gnocchi - Roasted spring vegetables, fresh shaved parmesan cheese, vegetable brood - as my DC said, this is essentially a bowl of potatoes and vegetables. Points for not overcooking anything, subtraction for a sort of flat broth.

        Duck spring rolls - Duck confit, cabbage, onion, shaved carrot, Asian bbq sauce - sadly, it was really hard to taste any sort of duck in here. We should have gotten the lamb satay sticks instead.

        Service was incredibly friendly and attentive. Music was much less loud this time, which was better. There was a slight hiccup in getting the sliders to the table at the same time as everyone else's plates, but it wasn't too long a wait. That said, the rest of the food came out promptly, which is nice when you're ordering dinner at 10:30 at night.

        With the wings winner, I think I have found my spot to watch football in the fall.

        1. Stopped in for a couple beers and to catch the game. They've just changed to their fall menu and have added a new jerk flavored chicken wing that was very spicy, flavorful and addictive. Also didn't know this but they serve brunch now on the weekends 8-3. Service was friendly and professional.

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            As someone who goes out to brunch most Saturdays and is always looking for a new place, I appreciate the info. Great that it starts serving so early, too. The menu looks worth checking out. My husband and I miss our quiet breakfasts at Bon Savor so we'll give it a try soon.