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Feb 24, 2003 07:15 PM

Best breakfast tacos in Houston?

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Any recommendations on breakfast tacos in Houston? I'm mostly interested inside the loop though I'm willing to consider Galleria area.

I lived in Houston for four years and I don't recall ever having one. Austin, however, seems awash in them.

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  1. If you want great bkfst tacos you need to travel to the east side. Villa Arcos on Navigation just past the original Ninfa's has tacos that surpass any that I have had in Austin ( I've only had the TAco Shak?, and Pete's tantalizing at Maudi's). The best taco to get is called the "super" by the regulars. It is egg, beans, potatoes, cheese, and your choice of bacon(they put huge chunks of bacon), sausage, or chorizo. Avoid the barbacoa here, I didn't like it.
    Another good taco can be found at places like Taqueria Laredo on Washington, Neomi's on Park Place, and La Victoria Bakery on Lawndale. La Victoria has the best barbacoa of all these and it is a full bakery as well.
    Also there is a donut shop on Telephone near the TelWink Diner that has really good tacos as well.

    Good luck and let me know what you think of Villa Arcos.

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    1. re: John Scar

      Sorry, but Taqueria Laredo in the northside are the best and the most authentic.

      311 Patton St
      Houston, TX 77009

      1. re: phrax

        Sorry but being authentic is irrelevant to me when you say something is the best. Taste is the most imprtant. I really like taqueria laredo on the north side, they have fantastic tacos.
        Also, this thread is really old, how did you pull up this thread and decide to post?

      2. re: John Scar

        +1 on Villas Arcos. Simply the best in the city. Laredo doesn't come close --- not a real fan of steam table tacos anyways.

      3. I love Tacos A Go-Go and have breakfast tacos there every time I am in Houston. Another plus is that the Metro light rail stops right at their front door.

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        1. re: bhoward

          BROTHERS TACOS on Dowling -- the best overall!