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May 28, 2013 09:11 PM

Mission City Creamery in Santa Clara

Started up in January of this year. Uses Straus organic base. From the photos, looks like a real scoop shop with banana splits and sundaes.

Who's been there?

Mission City Creamery
2905 Park Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Daily 11am-10pm
(408) 615-1080

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  1. I've been, they've got a bunch of flavors & often run out of them too. I really hoped for a Bi-Rite, but the flavors are pretty tame, nothing really special about them. Nice folks & you can get lots of samples before making a decision. It's across the street from the Safeway lot don't park there if there's a game, there's limited street parking.

    I tried Salted Caramel, Honey Lavender, & Pineapple Coconut. All are pretty ok, nothing really stands out.

    I got Child size $2.75 in a cup with a sugar cone on top. I liked it.

    If you ever get a Single $3.25 - it's 2 scoops, but you can get 2 different flavors!! That's nice.

    Charge it if you want! One unisex bathroom in the back.

    Child $2.75
    Single $3.25
    Double $4
    Triple $4.75
    Pint $5.75
    Quart $9
    Hand packing fee $1
    Sauce/topping .75c
    Rootbeer Float $4.5
    Milk shake $5.5
    Banana Split $6
    Sundae $5.5 - 2 scoops, topping, sauce & whipped cream
    Drinks $1

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    1. re: hhc

      I finally stopped by on Saturday night and got two spoonfuls into salted caramel before wondering if I'd ordered vanilla by mistake. Tame is an understatement! Also, I noticed that a lot of the tubs were partially melted, and my scoops turned quickly into sugary mush. Humph. I was so disappointed I went and had bubbies over at Jimbo's :/

      1. re: stravaigint

        All is forgiven! I went back on Saturday to give them another shot and was so impressed I went again on Sunday. I had a double of caramelized banana/apple pie, and then another double of peppermint stick/pistachio pineapple. Everything was nicely solid this time, and the flavors really came through. Pistachio pineapple was a particular standout, not overly sweet and with lovely chunks.

        Now I just need to combine it with a trip to Ike's a few blocks over, I think it'll be a good one-two punch.

    2. I like them quite a bit, and for those down in the South Bay for which Bi-Rite / Mitchell's is out of practical reach it's nice to have any sort of decent, non-chain ice cream down here, aside from a slew of Indian ice cream shops that aren't my thing.

      (Rick's in Palo Alto is the next closest place, and Bitter + Sweet in Cupertino carries Humphrey Slocombe).

      I've had the strawberry, coffee, chocolate, mint, honey lavender, pineapple coconut, salted caramel and maple walnut. I like the strawberry the most so far.

      Child - 2 oz.
      Single - 4 oz.
      Double - 8 oz.
      Triple - 12 oz.
      Pint - 16 oz.

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      1. re: Jon914

        Thanks to the two of you for the firsthand info. About where I figured it would be. Kind of hard to find the list of flavors on the site, so here's the link:

        1. re: Jon914

          Regarding places in south bay, have you tried Treatbot? They have a permanent spot in DTSJ, which is just across 880 from Mission City Creamery. They had a very nice lavender honey on the menu recently.

          1. re: stravaigint

            I've tried them multiple times at the public market and their truck. They use a mix of Treat ice cream (which can be bought at a number of grocers) and their own blends off what I presume is the Treat base.

            They have some interesting flavors, but I find their ice cream to be too sweet for my palate or find the flavors to lack depth. For example, I've tried multiple variations of their chocolate, and it's a "weak" chocolate taste.

            On the last visit, they did a tropical menu of Sorbets (Mango Orange) and ice cream (Ube, Avocado) which was a nice surprise. Again, nothing to write home over, but a bit more interesting than their other stuff.

        2. They've been serving sandwiches for a while now and I finally remembered to take a photo of the order form. There was even a board out on the sidewalk this weekend offering a free drink and small fries. Haven't had a reason to try yet due to proximity to Ike's...