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May 28, 2013 06:32 PM

4th of July red, white, & blue daiquiris?

Can someone please recommend 3 drinks that I could blend with ice to be daiquiris? Hopefully something other than strawberry daiqs and pina coladas. Thankssomuch!

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    1. re: rcb4d

      That does fit the bill. Thank you.

    2. A Daiquiri is a specific drink: rum, lime, and sugar. That said, here's some color coded drinks for you, either blended or on crushed ice.

      Red: Cesar's Rum Punch from Jeff Berry's Remixed
      White: Rangoon Gimlet from Jeff Berry's Remixed
      Blue: Blue Hawaii from Jeff Berry's Remixed

      Red: Bitter Mai Tai from Brooklyn's Dram
      White: Coconaut from Jeff Berry's Remixed
      Blue: Shark from PDT (or Blue Marlin from Remixed)

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      1. re: nickls

        Aaaah... a Beachbum fan! I spent some time last month typing up almost every single recipe from Re-Mixed and Sippin' Safari and putting it in a word doc and EverNote as part of my recipe library for my bar and restaurant consulting. (So far I have 275 done, just a handful more to do, mostly the punches, and Dave Wondrich's Colibri recipe. Just reading it exhausted me.)

        After your color coding comment I decided to tag all of them with various descriptors, including color.

        1. re: JMF

          Tiki drinks are a lot of fun. At one party I found that you can pre-crush ice and keep it in the freezer without it melting together too much. I served Mai Tais to some friends and they were a hit.

          Considering the heat today, I might have to make some crushed ice drinks tonight when I get home. A Mai Tai sounds nice, too bad I'm out of orgeat.

      2. I meant to buy that book years ago, thanks!