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May 28, 2013 05:36 PM

Wise Sons Deli at the Contemporary Jewish Museum [San Francisco]

Any one been yet? I was wondering if they had the same menu there that they do at their 24th St. location or whether it might be more limited. (The Wise Sons page on the Museum's web site is still under construction.) I haven't tried them yet, so I want a good selection!

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    1. Grand Opening is tomorrow, Friday, July 26. Hope to read some reports!

      They will be selling De La Paz Coffee & Pickled things is what I saw on their Instagram account Wisesons

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        Thanks for this heads up! Any word on other menu items? I'll try to check it out as I'll be right there on Saturday afternoon.

        EDIT. Spend enough time on the internet and everything reveals itself.

      2. I just got back from the CJM location. I have to say, I was not impressed. Quite disappointed, actually. I ordered a corned beef Reuben, and...

        The first thing one notices about the sandwich is the very small portion of meat that is inside it. It is a very, very small portion of meat, almost at the level of being cheated out of your money. (See photo below. The bialy on the left did not come with the sandwich; that was another $3.50.) Assessed by dollar-per-ounce-of-meat, this sandwich, at $12, is significantly more expensive than a commensurate sandwich at Katz's or Carnegie, which I find sort of incredible. If skeptical New Yorkers thought a Schmendricks bagel was expensive, they're going to be beside themselves when they behold the Wise Sons corned beef sandwich.

        I can't really say that it was especially tasty, either -- I thought the meat was too lean. I am not Jewish, and do not know what constitutes authentic Jewish food, so perhaps what they are serving is more authentic than what I've had in my life. I don't know. What I do know that is that, based on this one sample, I prefer the delis that already exist in the city, like Miller's East Coast West and Moishe's Pippic. If you are an East Coast expat hoping for a close replacement of a Katz's or Carnegie sandwich, then you're going to be extremely disappointed.

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          Next time, drive down to San Carlos. The Refuge has GREAT Pastrami!

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            I finally tried Wise Sons on 24th St yesterday, had to stand in line. Sign says to bus your own tables. I could have put up with all this and the high prices for small portions BUT I ordered the Pastrami Reuben and it was certainly the WORST pastrami I have ever tried to eat. TOUGH. I ate about 1/4 of the sandwich, having to spit pieces of meat into a napkin. My companions did not want the untouched 1/2 sandwich left and I did not get a take out box. Maybe it was a fluke, a bad batch of meat or something but I'll never return. (I liked the pickles, ate 1/2 the potato salad, cole slaw looked better.)

            1. re: walker

              It's a shame. A good deli typically gets better when they work out the kinks and hit a stride, then it's a matter of consistency. Wise Sons slipped and I don't think the second location, and extra catering is helping them.

              I got a matzoh ball soup around Xmas that had an off taste I attributed to schmaltz. Leftovers the next day had an unavoidable odder, even sealed up, and had to be dumped. On top of it, on three visits, I've noticed they have a habit of hiring people who don't seem thrilled to take and fill an order.

          2. Wise Sons were at the Jewish Museum for an opening about a month ago. They were serving "thin sliced" pastrami which IMHO is a travesty and they should know better. You never see thin sliced at a good NYC deli. So we skipped it.

            Their pastrami is properly sliced and excellent at their 24th St place.

            1. We had a CHOW Lunch today of sandwiches from the CJM location of Wise Sons. I've never eaten at the original, nor do I eat meat, but I was very happy with my smoked mushroom Reuben (very smoky, VERY peppery); the pickle that came with it was also delicious. Comments on the pastrami Reubens, corned beef Reubens, #19s, and classic sandwiches ordered by others on staff were very positive; matzo ball soup was well liked too. Only complaint about the food so far was about the bread: seems like they're not making their own bread at this cafe location, unlike on 24th Street. Only complaint not directly related to the food is that they forgot the egg cream that was part of the original order. Didn't charge us for it either--it was just left off it seems. Guess we'll just have to go back!

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              1. re: DeborahL

                I regularly make pilgrimages to the Mission location. My pastrami sandwich today was good but did lose a bit in the travel back to the office. Guess we will have to go in person next time!

                1. re: DeborahL

                  I had split two sandwiches with a fellow officemate—the pastrami reuben and the corned beef reuben. I ended up liking the corned beef one better, since it's a bit more mild. The pastrami is delicious, but the spices on it sort of drowned out the other flavors.

                  It also seemed like the corned beef one had cheese, and the pastrami one didn't (but maybe it was just a small amount?). Anyway, the cheese was good. I liked the bread on the sandwiches—crispy from toasting, and held together pretty well.

                  I think if I had to choose between the sandwiches at Wise Sons and the ones at nearby Shorty Goldstein's, I'd choose Wise Sons. But they are both very good.