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May 28, 2013 05:28 PM

Where can I buy FRESH soft shells?

and also fresh bluefish (whole)?

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    1. re: Teddybear

      Thx but unfortunately too far from DC in Baltimore county

    2. Conrad's Crabs had soft shells this weekend, don't remember bluefish, but could have missed it.

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      1. re: foster

        Oh gosh... Will have to see if they have them tomorrow! Thx for the lead!

      2. Maine St Wharf - Captaim Whites Stall they have soft shells for $4 per if you ask they will clean them. If you go Mon-Thursday make sure they get the fish from the back for freshness

        1. Whole Foods gets them in a few days a week.

          1. A little closer than DC, but still not close - in MoCo, the fish truck at the Kensington Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-12) has it.