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May 28, 2013 05:05 PM

Dinner Party Help - Dessert: Cheesecake and ??

I'm taking dessert for a dinner party (a group of 7 people). I'm going to take a cheesecake w a graham cracker crust (the cheesecake is more creamy than dense). We are already doing fruit in the beginning of the meal, but I'd like to take something else (perhaps chocolate based for those chocolate lovers)? Is there anything easy I could put together that would complement the cheesecake? Chocolate Mousse came to mind, but I'm not sure if that's too many creamy things..... Ideas?

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  1. What about some simple truffles? You're bound to have leftovers with only 7 people.

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    1. re: sarinaL

      I love the idea, but was aiming to do a homemade creation and have never made truffles before. Perhaps I should just leave it as cheesecake and call it a day! :)

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        Truffles are crazy easy--you just melt some chocolate with a bit of cream and roll it in sugar, cocoa, chopped nuts... anything really.

    2. I thought about truffles also or chocolate biscotti.

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        depends on the rest of the menu, but something crunchy to contrast the cheesecake. some kind of cookie, biscotti or wafer. ginger or citrus-based would be refreshing.even a modified sort of baklava, with lots of nuts, but very little honey.

      2. Stupid easy is some chocolate bark... Toss anything you can find in your cabinets in it!

        1. I don't know how much time you want to spend on your second dessert, but I was thinking chocolate cupcakes or something else dense with a sprinkle of crunch like a spice cake with toffee crunch

          Or, call it a day, and order some over-the-top cupcakes from a place like Gigi's and you can easily split them in half (

          1. Strawberries are very good right now in my neck of the woods. Dipped in chocolate, however cliche that is, they make a nice contrast and provide a "little" bite instead of another big one.