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Any recommendations for Gaslamp?

I am so bored with Gaslamp but need to be in that area on Saturday night. When I have to go out to a nice dinner in the Gaslamp area, I generally eat at Katsuya, Donovans, Nobu, Oceanaire, Blue Point or Cowboy Star. I need something that is upscale but not one of the usual suspects. Sorry to leave this so open, but I am completely flexible as to type of food. Any help is very much appreciated!

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  1. *thought not technically in the Gaslamp* Cafe Chloe is missing from your list.

    1. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I think Dobson's would make a good addition to your list as well.

          1. Well, this is a left field idea, and slightly out of the Gaslamp, and I have never eaten there, BUT it's been around forever...what about Salvatore's? Has anyone been there and can advise?

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              Yes, I happen to like the food very much at Salvatores--authentic Italian..

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                Thank you! I think it's one of the last places downtown where (it appears) you can dine in a quiet atmosphere, AND walk outside for a quiet stroll.

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                  not necessarily saying its my ambiance of choice (not that it's bad), but the food is very good....if I recall, same family or relatives of the former When in Rome restaurant from Encinitas.

            2. Thanks for the input! While I do think I am super important :) I am still sorry to violate chowhound etiquette and not search through old threads before posting a repetitive inquiry!

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                I agree with you, Seasong789. Sometimes the old posts are long and hard to get through. And your question may have a specific part that the old ones don't. As a visitor to our city, I hope you get your questions answered in a helpful, polite manner, not filled with sarcasm. I think it might make some people hesitant to ask questions!
                The members on this board are great at giving advice but sometimes get a little snarky :)

              2. I recently met a friend for dinner at -- gasp -- Searsucker. It was surprisingly good. The restaurant was definitely loud, younger dinners would call it "high energy," but I wouldn't hestitate to go back. Flame away...

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                  I agree with you, wanker. Malarkey cooks/has passed on the recipes and quality of good food to the chefs who work with him. I hate the alcohol centric/hype/see and be seen (and inevitable noise levels) of his 'fabric' restaurants.

                  I absolutely can't get enough of his quiet venture of Green Acre. http://www.greenacresd.com/

                  (It isn't open on the weekend and only 8 am-6 pm Mon-Fri)

                2. Cafe Chloe and I also enjoyed Seersucker. Jsix was also good but I went there after 3 cocktails at Noble Experiment so the review may be questionable. Not in Gaslamp but omakase at Azuki sushi was spectacular.

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                    Second Cafe Chloe and JSix. Best two restaurants in (or close to) Gaslamp

                  2. Just a quick note that we removed a sub-thread debating whether another question about the Gaslamp was warranted. It came to a pretty friendly conclusion (thanks for that!), but we thought removing it would help keep the thread focused.

                    1. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I wound up going to an old stand-by - Cowboy Star - and was really happy about the choice. The service was friendly and attentive, the amuse bouche was fabulous, great appetizers which included gnocchi with wild mushrooms and a delicious beet salad. Everyone enjoyed their entrees which ranged from King Salmon to Crabcakes to Filet. The desserts were outstanding as well.

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                          Chef Victor at CS just hired a new Sous who spent his last 3+ years at George's. I think his name is Chris Osborne. His influence is already apparent on the menu as seen above. CS is more than just excellent steaks.

                        2. Funny, I've just never been impressed with either Cafe Chloe or Jsix. I've been to each at least 3 times and never had an "oh wow" experience. They aren't bad... they are even what I'd call pretty good, but I don't get the lavish praise either.

                          Dobson's does impress me on many levels, especially value.

                          I didn't see Grant Grill on the list? I think that might be the best restaurant experience in the Gaslamp.

                          Nobu & Katsu-ya leave me cold, especially at the prices. I think Taka is better than either.

                          Maybe give Spike's a try? I've only been there once, but it was interesting.

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                            I think Taka would be a safe bet. DD gave Spike's a decent review.