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May 28, 2013 03:22 PM

Reno - Kimmie's Coffee Cup

That's the link for their Orange County locations and here's one for FB:

Heading south on S. Virginia, they're just barely past Home Depot on the left. A friend of ours has mentioned it several times so we headed there this morning. He'd raved about their sausage patty, housemade, and that's what we had with two eggs, red potatoes and toast, muffin or biscuit. The sausage had a nice little bit of zing to it and you can see the size!!! The service was so nice and friendly and you can tell that they've drawn a loyal following. We'll be checking out the chicken fried steak next time; it looked super and is one of our faves. Highly recommend.

ETA: The prices are a little more than the website shows. I'm guessing they just haven't updated it since the Reno location is pretty new.

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  1. Went back here today and it was still great! This time had the chicken fried steak. Everything was just right. Meat was tender, gravy flavorful with good meat and not floury, potatoes were perfect and we got our English muffin well done as requested. Since it's right across the street from Total Wine it's especially convenient but I'd make a trip for it.

    1. Had breakfast here again a few days ago. This time we shared their "Country Benedict." The sub a biscuit for English Muffin, sausage patty for Can. bacon and country gravy for Hollandaise. Terrific. I think we're ready to say this is our fave spot for breakfast in the Reno/Tahoe area.