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May 28, 2013 02:20 PM

Looking for dried Limes on Vancouver Island

The title says it all, I'm located centrally and hoping if there was someone knows of where to buy Dried Limes in Nanaimo? Maybe Victoria?

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  1. Is that just a lime that has been oven dried? What do you do with it?

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      I'm hoping to be cooking up some Iranian food. I highly reccomend you look it up or I could even send some links your way.

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        Actually they are soaked in a brine solution then sun dried for weeks. This way they dry both inside and out and do some fermenting on the voyage. Quite unique really.

      2. There is a Mediterranean Deli on Douglas Street just north of Bay Street in Victoria that used to carry a big glass container full of dried limes.

        1. If you end up not being able to find them near you there are many places in North Vancouver (Lonsdale between 14th and 16th) that have them if you get to the mainland.

          Also amazingly enough you can get them from Amazon (


          I have a pretty killer Gormeh Szabzi recipe if you need one.


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            Pass it up! I would love to see how it differs from the one I already have.

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              Here ya go. If there are a lot of differences to yours give me the high noes of what they are. Cheers.


          2. Just curious if you found your dried limes/lemons and how everything turned out?