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May 28, 2013 12:47 PM


Hi guys - need help. I have never liked coleslaw, until I tried Kraft one-step coleslaw maker, and I really do like that. But my store has stopped carrying it, and it's about $9 a bottle online!!!

Does anyone know if it is mayonnaise based or miracle whip based? I use Hellmans mayo, and have always shuddered at the thought of MW (based on one taste, 20 years ago). But I really REALLY need this coleslaw! If nothing else, does anyone know if it tastes like KFC slaw? I haven't tried that either, but there are lots of copycats for KFC, all saying MW.

Thanks people! Love you!

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  1. For what it's worth, I've never used a bottled coleslaw dressing; I make mine with (approximately) a cup each of Hellman's/Best Foods and buttermilk, plus a heaping big soup-spoon of pickle relish and a good splash of RW vinegar. Salt to taste, about half a teaspoon. This is for a bag of the pre-shredded stuff, or a smallish head of cabbage. It looks pretty scant when you stir it in, just barely dampening the cabbage, but after an hour or so covered in the fridge it's almost too much dressing.

    Miracle Whip would be too sweet, I'd think; my own preference is just the first two ingredients with a little salt and vinegar, but Mrs. O wants that pickle relish.

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      Same here, a little different with greek yougurt, mayo, vinegar, honey, and salt & pepper. But I never buy bottled again.

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        I use mayo thinned with pickle juice and add a little celery seed. Maybe give it some diced apple or pear.

      2. I'm not familiar with the dressing you're referring to, but if I may recommend what I have found to be VERY good, and well received at picnics and potlucks is Marzetti brand cole slaw dressing. It's in the refridgerated section of the produce department, along with some other refrigerated dressings and such.

        It is sweet, creamy, and delicious and no where near $9. And if does not have that nasty, strong celery flavor like a lot of other cole slaw dressings have.

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          Thanks for this suggestion. It happens to be on sale here for $2, so I will try a bottle. I think I'll also grab the smallest amount of miracle whip I can. If nothing else, I can try the KFC copycat. We don't do fast food much, but I think I remember my hubby saying that he liked that slaw. <3

          1. re: Jaz Cooks

            I have made the KFC copycat recipe and it is good, with a couple of changes. I salt the cabbage first and let it drain, then rinse it well and dry it completely in a salad spinner. I use the recipe linked below and add a couple spoons of sweet pickle relish. No Miracle Whip needed!

        2. I like the Hidden Valley Ranch cole slaw dressing.

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          1. Jaz, here are the ingredients for the Kraft's coleslaw dressing:
            Soybean Oil, Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Modified Food Starch, Egg Yolks, Salt, Mustard Flour, Spice, Paprika, Calcium Disodium Edta (to Protect Flavor), Natural Flavor, Dried Garlic.

            Based on the above, try mixing Hellman's with a bit of mustard (dijon), paprika, garlic powder, and a dash of s&p. Add the ingredients little by little, tasting as you go.

            1. Coleslaw is one of the easiest things to make. Get the pre-shredded slaw at the supermarket.

              Mix your favorite mayo (mine is Duke's) with apple cider vinegar, a little mustard, s&p. Thinly sliced red onion mixed along with the cabbage, then toss with the dressing.

              Let sit for at least 5 hours, and adjust seasoning if necessary.

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              1. re: linguafood

                Onion has no place in coleslaw. Just my personal opinion and no offense to those who do..:-)

                1. re: miss_belle

                  You'd be surprised. When I first had it at another 'hound's place, I thought it was radishes, which I liked. It gives it a bit of a bite.

                  But you need a mandoline to really slice thinly. Plus the flavors need time to meld.

                  1. re: linguafood

                    I think I'd use a Greek trick (probably shared by other Mediterraneans) of salting the onion slices lightly and soaking in cold water for about half an hour, then rinsing and patting dry. You get a nice sweet onion flavor without the pungency.

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      Yah, you can also quick-pickle in salt & vinegar. I like the slight sharpness the onion adds to the cole slaw, so I leave it unadulterated. Again, it's sliced so thinly, it doesn't actually register as "raw onion". Just adds a nice, savory & spicy kick.