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May 28, 2013 12:24 PM

Paris with a 6-year old foodie (July 11-19 2013)

Bonjour all. My 6-year old daughter and I will be in Paris July 11-19. We are staying in an apartment in the 3d Arr. right near rue de Bretagne, so we are excited about all the food shopping nearby. Couple of questions that we haven't seen answered in our Chow searches: first, my girl is an adventurous eater (lamb's tongue, head cheese, escargot, and pasta vongole are all in her repertoire) and she's a well-behaved, enthusiastic restaurant patron (We are ex-New Yorkers, so she's been going to restaurants and living up to high standards since she could sit in her own chair). All that by way of background to ask about restaurants that would be welcoming to her and that would give us more that just the croque madame or crepe that may appeal to fussier eaters. We expect to hit restaurants pretty early - at opening time - so hopefully that will give us a less rushed experience.
We are not particularly budget minded, but don't want to spend 100s of euros on every meal. A couple blow-outs would be fine, but otherwise want to stay in the moderate range. We'd like to sample a variety of more traditional places, along with more modern bistros, and are fine with cabbing around or taking the Metro. We are not particularly interested in non-french foods like Japanese, Chinese etc, but for a remarkable experience, would consider exceptions.
2 other questions - will it be difficult to find a meal on Bastille day this year? July 14 is a Sunday this year, and we've heard that Sunday's are already somewhat problematic for restaurants. Finally, if anyone has a recommendation for a lunch spot between Republique and Saint Emilion metro stop, please let us know. We will be at the Musee des Arts Forain at 1430 on July 14, and want to get lunch on the way (note that this is on Bastille Day).
Merci beaucoup!!

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  1. Kids are welcome in restaurants in Paris, especially when they're well behaved. Her ordering the "adult dishes" can only get her even better treatment. So, look for restaurants like you would for an adult.
    Put this way, your request is more classic, eh ? The one thing you want to be careful is that some restaurants will already be on summer break at those dates, especially after Bastille day, though that's less and less common.
    Between République and Saint Emilion: Café Cartouche, Le Quincy (not for a short experience) would be my primary choices.
    I would totally plan a Le Cinq lunch. That's what I did with my six year old (she's 13 now and still expect her fine dining experience at least yearly).
    Are you asking about places for "exotic" food?

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      Thanks for the info, helpful to know.
      We are not looking for "exotic" food, just places that would provide friendly (or no worse than indifferent) meals in interesting settings with high quality French food. Le Cinq is a good suggestion for one of the blow-out meals, but also looking for bistros, regional French cuisine, etc. For example, some places that I've already gleaned from CH and other sources include Bistro Paul Bert, Cafe de Musee, Chez Georges, Jeanne A., and Ambassade d'Auvergne.

    2. Truly, it isn't an issue. I took my daughter (who sounds like yours) to Paris and Toulouse when she was 5 and there wasn't a whiff of a problem. Pick places that sound interesting to you both, and you'll have a wonderful time.