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May 28, 2013 12:19 PM

Anything "chow worthy" in or near Newport Beach

Leaving tomorrow for 1st visit to Newport Beach. Staying at the Marriott Resort and Spa (wife has a conference) but our adult daughter is also coming and we will have a car. Coming from Boston and would like to experience foods that we might not get in Boston such as fish tacos, Mexican, etc. That said, we are always up for a great burger and fries, Italian, seafood, and we especially like small plates and tapas. As suggested earlier in another post, we may meet friends from Santa Monica one night at Enrique's in Long Beach. Any other suggestions?

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    1. Thanks but there are 1176 restaurant reviews on, it might be a little overwhelming.

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        OK, specific reccomendations

        The Cannery on via Lido and any restaurants on the bay near by..

        Sabatino's in the old fishing district near via Lido (homemade sausage and been there for years)

        Ho Sum Bistro Chinese has been open on Newport Blvd. for maybe twenty years.

        Go down to the Balboa ferry landing; there are good restaurants in walking distance.

        And/or go to Balboa Island and explore the main drag. There is a Swiss/European restaurant that is well regarded and there are many other places.

        Or go up the the hill to the Fashion Island shopping center. Free parking and lots of choices for dining.

        Mozza (Mario Batali backed);has a place on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) which has received very good reviews.

        Then there is the Balboa Bay Yacht Club, not exclusive to members anymore; which,from what I hear, is still on its game and serves very decent food.

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          Oh and there is a Chinese restaurant on Balboa Island, on the main drag that has been there for at least thirty years or more

          We ate there many, many times and always had a good meal..

          But I do remember reading in the Daily Pilot about one of the chefs caught chasing a duck down on the beach.

          The sons are the famous creators of the Wahoo Tacos chain.

        1. re: TonyC

          Thank you. The menu at Juliette's Kitchen and Bar looks quite interesting. I made reservations for Friday evening.

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            Still serving the Filling Station pumpkin pies ?

          2. Charlie Palmers in nearby Costa Mesa (South Coast Plaza), Mozza, R+D Kitchen (in Fashion Island), Umami Burger, just to name a few :)

            1. Go to Little Saigon. Search these pages for a wide array of Vietnamese options.

              Even though I am from the East coast I never miss going to Sabatino's for heavenly homemade Italian saugsages when I get near that part of town.

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                Bamboo Bistro is good enough to spare Newportians that drive. They serve Brodard's spring rolls.