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May 28, 2013 11:20 AM

MD Kitchen?

MD Kitchen (DiFara's heroes/pasta location) has been open for a month now and I'm surprised I haven't read any reports here yet. Has anyone been?

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  1. I went maybe the first or second week they were open. Really enjoyed the broccoli rabe and sausage hero, but our veal parmesan hero and arancini weren't anything special. Bread was a bit burnt, too (but I guess that's not surprising). The guy running the operation was super friendly. I'd go if I were waiting in line around the corner, but not really worth a special trip.

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      I was there Saturday after a pizza eating marathon around the corner. Dom was on his game. I got a veal parm hero to go. Mine was excellent but nothing I would travel very far for. A fine place if you live or work nearby. Or if you want something to take home for later.

    2. Anyone tried the shrimp parm? it sounds like of strange to me (conceptually, that is, i am aware that its "A Thing") but my cousins who grew up on the block said that, at its best, Dom's shrimp parm may have even surpassed his pizza. scheduling it has been a pain, but i will get there and report back, but hopeful someone will/has beat me to it.

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        If you feel like it, e-mail me and tell me who your cousins are. Ya never know.

        At any rate, DiFara had a full menu for many years and he phased it out piece by piece as his pizza biz increased. The shrimp and eggplant dishes were always my favorite foods there. The last vestiges of other than pizza/calzone food were the heros and the soups, both of which I believe that daughter Maggie made for the last # of years they were offered. As MD is (I believe) her place (and MD her initials), I'd guess that the heros are good and that hopefully the soups will be on offer eventually.

        I had a slice (or two) just last week and totally forgot to go around the corner and check out MD. I've driven by it but havent stopped in yet. Soon to be rectified.

        1. re: Steve R

          I will take your word for it that way back when, he produced good food. In about 2002 I ate there and he had a limited menu that included heroes. I ordered a veal parm and when it came out with burned bread I removed the veal and tried to eat it on the paper plate. I swear this is true, the veal was so tough the plastic knife snapped, then I gave up. Obviously I hold no grudges and will probably grab a sandwich after every visit to the pizzaria. Maggie has been a godsend to that business, though I think the MD stands for Mamma DeMarco.