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May 28, 2013 10:47 AM

Fish restaurant near Natick/Framingham?

Hello -

Taking my Mom out for her 75th birthday in a few weeks. She loved going to McCormick and Schmick's awhile back in Boston. Was hoping for something a little closer to home.

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  1. The Captain's Takeaway in Wellesley, very casual, attached to Captain Marden's Fish Market. Legal Seafood or the Dolphin in Natick.

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    1. re: bakerboyz

      I think you may mean The Captain's Table...they have sit down restaurant in addition to the takeout. Serviceable seafood, fresh etc. As bakerboyz made clear, there is nothing special or "occasion-y" about the place though. If the OP is looking for a McCormick and Schmick's type experience, I don't think any of these will substitute. Legal's gets a little closer, but still not great.

    2. I suppose you could take her to Minado seafood buffet in Natick, which I find to be fairly decent for the price and what it is; but she might have to dodge hoards of uncouth oyster and crableg seekers.

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        Natick stinks for seafood but I would definitely say Dolphin, downtown Natick. Its reasonable, esp earlybird and Sunday specials but has a very nice atmosphere with linens, fireplace etc and lots of fresh fish options.. Perfect for a moms fish dinner . Also my family has enjoyed Naked Fish on 128 Waltham, a bit further out but very centrally located and if there is a group they have a nice quiet private room in back.

        1. re: chompie

          2nd on Dolphin. Would seem to fit the bill. FWIW I have never been to a McCormick's, but Dolphin would certainly fit the bill for a nice fish dinner experience. My mom (early 60s) and her SO always go there when they are doing a 'special occasion' thing and want seafood.

          I haven't been to the Naked Fish on 128, but the one I have been to was nice, although atmospherically I would say it was geared toward a younger crowd than Dolphin.

      2. I would think Legal Seafood's on route 9 would fit the bill just fine. That Legal's is a pretty good representative of the chain, I've always had good service there.

        There's also "Fish" in Marlboro, at the intersection of route 85 and route 20, but my last trip there I just wasn't crazy about it. I think it was better when it was Coral Seafood, and that's not saying much.

        1. If it is special occasion dining you seek, the fish selections at Capital Grille in Chestnut Hill are pretty good. My wife raves about their tuna. Between appetizers and entrees, they have over a dozen seafood items on their menu.