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SF Dish of the Month (June 2013) - Voting

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Here are the candidates for SF Dish of the Month June 2013.

Everyone is welcome to vote once by pressing the recommend button for the dish you'd like to choose. You can vote even if you didn't participate in the voting round, but make sure you only recommend one choice (you can change your mind up until the deadline).

I narrowed the nominations down to the following based on what seemed most popular....but if there's something else you'd like to be on the ballot, you can write it in, and then others can vote using the recommend button. If you write something in, that will be considered your one vote.

Voting will be open until May 31st at 4 PM PDT

Here's a link to the nomination thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/903032

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          1. MIDDLE EASTERN BOILED DUMPLING (e.g., Manti)

            1. MASHED FAVA BEAN DISHES (e.g., Ful/Foul)

              1. And the winner is.....BREAKFAST SANDWICH!


                Looking forward to seeing what people try!

                This will be the 12th dish of the month for San Francisco, which means that in July I think some of us should try to do the DOTYC, which stands for Dishes of The Year Challenge!!

                The challenge is to eat at least a few bites of every dish of the month from the past year, all in a single day!!! So, that means eating the following foods all in one day:

                I'd probably do it like this:

                Breakfast: Chilaquiles, breakfast sandwich, corned beef

                Lunch #1: Banh xeo, wonton noodle soup
                Lunch #2: Asian fried chicken, tea leaf salad

                Afternoon snack: Tamales

                Dinner: Dan dan mian, chicken stuffed w/ sticky rice, cucumber pickles

                Late night snack: Channa bhatura

                Maybe I'd switch the orders here and there, but I think this is totally doable, if you had enough people to share things. Who's with me!?!?!