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May 28, 2013 08:56 AM

Peruvian - Mexican Memorial Day(s) - Paiche (A) , Mercado (D-), Mariscos Linda (A)

For no particular reason I spent the better part of the long weekend eating South of the Border joints . I mentioned Paiche is a previous thread - really enjoyed that.

Mercado in Santa Monica was really quite terrible. I was kinda surprised because I enjoyed Yxta on my one visit 3 years ago and I believe they are related. The margs where weak. Turkey leg mole was overdone and the mole was way too sweet, with no depth in flavors at all; and a ceviche was tasteless if you wanted seafood flavor - fine if all you wanted was onion.

Mariscos Linda really should be better known on this board. A full bar and lots of fresh tasty, moderately priced ceviches, coctels, shellfish and fish frileld, fried or in caldos. We wanted to try El Coraloense after reading about it on TonyC's excellent, and hilarious blog,
But it was closed. So we did some research and came across this gem. Try it! Ciao!

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  1. So sorry Ciao Bob, Coraloense closes rather early, and sometimes even earlier when they run out key ingredients (which has been happening since the LA Times write-up).

    Mariscos Linda is totally fun, but it is not executing anywhere near Coraloense's level. Alternatively, if you're in Boyle Hts/East LA and jonesing for ceviche, check out el Sarape. Prefer the divey(er), family environs of Sarape over Linda. (And it's BYO).

    Coraloense and Sarape render Coni's existence inconsequential in LA.

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    1. re: TonyC

      I'll get there soon.
      Who reads the LA Times for food? Are they cribbing from you?
      I'll tell you, TC, the aguachile we had last night at Linda was one of the best we've had in LA.

      1. re: Ciao Bob

        Have you tried the Cevecheria version? If it beats that, I might be taking a drive down to Linda this weekend...

      2. re: TonyC

        "Coraloense and Sarape render Coni's existence inconsequential in LA."

        Does this mean they both do the grilled snook; pescado zarandeado?

      3. Have you tried Picca? If so, what did you think? I like it a lot.

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        1. re: Thor123

          I have - about 3 times - I enjoyed Paiche qutie a bit more.