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May 28, 2013 08:53 AM

Sacramento kosher options as well as Napa Valley

Anyone have info on food in Sacramento? I'm not finding much online other than possibly a nursing home with kosher food. Also heading up to Napa Valley for a day--advice?

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  1. was just there a short time ago and the only thing I found was this -

    In Napa Valley it is even slimmer other Chabad -

    1. When we drove to Napa (from SF) we brought lunch and snacks with us. We got hummus, bread, veggies, and snacks from WF or Trader Joes (don't remember which).

      1. Touro College sells kosher food in their cafeteria. Vallejo is on the way to Napa. Near 6 Flags.

        1. Thanks so much for these suggestions. Touro looks very interesting--I'm waiting for an email response from them. Great tip! Otherwise--Trader Joe's is fine for a while.