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May 28, 2013 08:51 AM

Turner Field Concessions ??

Hello everybody.
Out of towner in for short stay this weekend. I have never seen the Braves (except for 20 years ago at Wrigley) and am going to the Game saturday night. Any tips on where the good / interesting food stands are at Turner Field??
We are sitting on the 3rd base side of the stadium, right on the field. I did check the listings on the Braves Website and there is good info there but thought I might ask some fellow hounds who may have had previous experience what their opinions are ??
Thanks much in advance!

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  1. heres a link
    i like the smoke house BBQ myself--but the beer brats are very good as well.If youre in the dugout section theres food service at your seat with a diffrent,healthier menu--it may only go as far as the end of the dugout though--that side is the sunny side so it may be .If youre driving get off at Fulton street, not MLK where they tell you to exit.At the end of thje ramp make a left and go into the blue lot, its the first one you pass.Try and maneuver your car so youre near the exit row so when you leave you wont get stuck in trfaffic

    1. The McCann burger was the best, but I don't think it's there this season.
      They are selling burgers from Holeman & Finch (restaurant in town), so you might want to check that out early. I think they are selling a limited number.

      1. So I just did a little research and McCann burgers are still available. Thank goodness.
        Also Kevin Rathbun sells a steak sandwich.
        And there is a new sandwich named for Chipper Jones.
        Check out this list:

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          Thanks everyone for replies and suggestions.

          Short trip, get in to Airport about 4:30, train to Peachtree, check in at Hyatt, head out to Empire State South for a 6:15 reservation, looking forward to it, hope my 13 yr old son likes it as much as I am looking forward to it!!
          He is competing on Sat in Natl History Bee and then we are off to see the Braves Sat night. Wish we could stay longer and see more but we are heading back home early Sunday. Short but fun little trip, I need the break !!
          Thanks again.

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            if you have time Sunday try Silver skillet for breakfast--its on 14th st--good luck in the Bee

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              Recap !!!

              So, got in to Atlanta no problems.
              Had a 6:15 res at ESS, my son was having so much fun in the Glass elevators at the Hyatt, we bagged the ESS reservation (I wasnt happy about that !) and had dinner across the street at White Oak Kitchen.
              I always hate going in to a restaurant, no matter how nicely decorated, that is essentially empty. Granted we were there early, maybe 6 pm or little after but it never feels good.

              I had seen some bad service posts here about White Oak and am happy to say that wasnt an issue. Food was decent, not stellar but I will say my son felt he had the greatest piece of fried chicken he had ever enjoyed!!! It was very good, honey drizzle and the grits underneath were great. They made him a nice strawberry lemonade w/ fresh berries that were crushed, not too sweet, very refreshing.
              I had a duck dish w/ a seared rare breast, very nice, some confit leg bits, yum, and a roulade of leg meat and some mousse of chicken or pheasant that was dreadfully overcooked, dry and just not that great. The whole thing was on top of some overdone peas with potato dumplings. The vegies were too far gone but the dumplings were nice and tatsty.
              The room is very attractive, my son loved the lighting, cool egg shaped pendants and some massive wooden chandeliers that are designed on the way wood is stacked to burn when making charcoal. All in all very attractive, but without more seats filled I dont know how they will survive, it was clearly a very expensive room to put together.
              I would return to sit at the bar, have some snacks etc, but if I was on a food oriented trip in the future, I would stick w/ my reservation at ESS. The whole weekend was so my son could participate in the Natl History Bee which was fun.
              He did not conquer there, but he had a great weekend.
              He also loved the H&F Burgers at the Braves Game. I liked the fact that there was a Goose Island Brewery stand close to my seats. The food at the BBQ stand up on the Fan Plaza was good but they arent the speediest crew, and when you are essentially just scooping up precooked food from a steamtable, it really should go faster !!
              Loved our weekend in your city, super people all over the place, easy to get around.
              Hope to get back some time soon !

              1. re: beandog

                Glass elevators over ESS....interesting decision.
                Hope next time you can try it.

          2. i have 5 grandsons under 9 and its amazing what they will focus on.Took my 9 year old striper fishing with a guide,and he spent most of the time playing with the live bait fish in the bait tank--he still caught a 15lb fish--first fish