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May 28, 2013 08:06 AM

Terra chips question

Does anyone know which vegetable is the dark red chip and which is the white with black specks? Don't have a bag in front of me and not sure if they tell you anyway which is which. Just interested in those two vegetables because they are my faves in the bag and I wondered what the real versions taste like.

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    1. re: Isolda

      Definitely not beet. Here are the five chips listed: sweet potato, parsnip, batata, taro, yuca. The only one I know for sure is the sweet potato.

      1. re: Jpan99

        The red chips are colored with beet juice but are not actually beets (they may be taro). The speckled ones are taro and are available on their own from Terra:

    2. 'white with black specks' = TARO (it's my favorite)

      'dark red chip' = BATATA (colored w/ beet juice concentrate for aesthetics/contrast)

      Link -->

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        <white with black specks' = TARO (it's my favorite)>

        Me too. :)

        Yes, the white with black specks are taro chips for sure.

      2. Now the next question, just what do they mean by batata? The only use I know of is as another name for sweet potato, but they taste different from the chips I identify as sweet potato. I wish people would use botanical names for ingredients!

        BTW, I've had beet chips: they're much sweeter than the ones in the Terra chips bag.

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        1. re: tardigrade

          I think Terra once did a bag they called "sweets and beets", haven't seen it recently - sweet potato and beet only!