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May 28, 2013 07:38 AM

Requesting recos for a celebratory dinner in D.C.

Husband and I traveling down from New York in a couple of weeks. We'll be taking daughter and son-in-law out for Sunday night dinner to celebrate SIL's recent promotion. Would like to make this special -- they have very young children so do not go out often.

Looking for great food, perhaps American, French, Mediteranean or Italian. Something new/fresh, rather than an old standby. Lively but not so noisy that we cannot carry on a conversation. Price [almost] no object.

Starting from Tenleytown/AU area, and would prefer not to travel very far. Babysitting time better spent on the meal than the drive.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. You might search the board for restaurants in the Cleveland Park area.

    1. Range (closest to where you'll be)
      Little Serow
      Mintwood Cafe
      Ishikaya Seki (at the bar)
      Le Diplomate
      redesigned and rejuvenated Jaleo
      Fiola, but prices have skyrocketed there recently

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      1. re: Marty L.

        Range is great if you can get seated in the back room. The main part of the restaurant is very loud.

        Their source for lamb is fantastic, so that's a good place to start when looking at the menu.

        1. re: Marty L.

          I think Range and Mintwood Cafe are good suggestions (but Little Serow not so much).

          I'd add Ripple.

        2. I'm a big fan of Cava Mezze myself.

          1. There's nothing in T-town or AmU. area worthy of a celebratory meal.

            Better to spend the time traveling for a good meal than to save the travel time to spend on a mediocre meal.

            Head down south a bit to Dupont Circle and hit up Seasonal Pantry (i.e. Supper Club) esp. if what you want is "something new/fresh". Have not been, but it's on my list for my next DC visit.

            1. Best for celebration and conversation is near you is Palena - american and very high quality, approriate for formal thing but small and intimate
              Also check out one of my absolute DC favorites that is close - Et Voila - will make you feel like you never left new york (seriously) belgian
              Range is cool and extremely close
              A little further away Zaytinya - mid east - jose andres style - was a bit loud but was there last night for a chefs tasting and all I can say is WOW