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May 28, 2013 07:30 AM

Seacoast dining

Just bought a home over in Seabrook Beach. Any recs on where to go for breakfast/lunch/dinner? We've been to the "touristy" places when we would visit, but now we need more options! Any cuisine is fine.


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  1. We currently like Petey's in Rye on Rt 1 so it might fall under touristy and better visited during the other months of the year. We used to like the Ice Box on Rt 1A between Portsmouth and Newcastle. Only open during the tourist season.

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    1. nancy's marchview cafe in salisbury on rte 1-a towards Newburyport is a wonderful breakfast place / bakery and her pies are great !
      for lunch or dinner, there's Round Rock at the corner of 1-a and 286 in seabrook.

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        I've always wondered about Round Rock. It's very close to us, but I've never been. And Nancy's sounds yum!

      2. On Route 1 in N. Hampton, we really like the Galley Hatch and their bakery.

        Further up Route 1, we LOVE the Fresh Market in Portsmouth, NH for grab n go stuff, coffee, beautiful fish, produce, cheeses...even the sushi is good for a quick lunch.

        PS Congrats on the new home! We rented for many years during my youth, and it's a lovely beach.

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          Thanks! We're excited. Didn't know Galley Hatch had a bakery....

        2. Just as an aside: you should include at least a state so people know what area you're talking about.

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            True, good point. But it was a 50/50 shot with Maine and Nh being the only two states with shoreline in northern New England.

          2. Annarosa's Bakery in Salisbury is worth checking out, great bread, pastries, etc