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May 28, 2013 06:09 AM

Looking for a fruit compote recipe

Anyone have a good recipe, preferably a fresh fruit one without cinnamon.

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  1. Just made compote this past Shabbos that was really good. I didn't have a recipe, but used a blend of coarsely chopped fresh fruit that went together well -- black cherries (slightly tart & gave a nice pink color), yellow apple (bland) & a couple of peaches (nice & flavorful).
    I added water to a level of about 1/2 inch total -- NOT 1/2 inch above the fruit -- brought to a boil, then immediately reduced heat to a simmer & covered the pot. Cooked for about 15 min, stirring occasionally.
    I put a slice of fresh ginger in (no cinnamon) but this is optional. Did not find it necessary to add sugar.
    Compote cooked with minimal water like this needs to be watched carefully so it doesn't burn, but you end up with a much more intense flavor.
    Plums & pears is another good combo.

    1. I just love fruit compote/soup (less water and I call it compote, more water and I call it soup). All I do is cut up whatever fruit I have, or is on sale, or ready to go bad, apples, peaches, pears etc. I simply add the fruit to water, add sugar or Splenda and sometimes add a package of Jello and voila, compote/soup!

      1. One more thing: I suggest cooking the fruit without sugar. Once it is cooked and cool, taste to see whether it is sweet enough for you. At this point you can add sugar, and perhaps flavorings like a spritz of lemon juice.
        Another possibility is to cook in juice (apple, orange, etc) rather than water.

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        1. Basically this is the kind of thing that you make using whatever suits you. I have never made a combination that was bad, although we have some favorites: nectarines and blueberries, plums by themselves, a little bit of everything... Pieces should be similar in size so they cook at same rate. if you use somehting that takes a bit longer to cook, like bosc pears, say, cut them smaller. Sometimes I puree using a stick blender, sometimes not. I agree with almond tree re not sweetening it till its done. Most combinations need little or none.