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May 28, 2013 05:51 AM

Bar Harbor and Boothbay Harbor help

Headed up to Maine in 2.5 weeks for a short trip. We'll have 3 and 4 year old boys with us, so nothing fancy!

My ideas for Bar Harbor are:
Cafe this Way
Eat A Pita
Side Street Cafe
Atlantic Brewing Co
Great Maine Breakfast
MDI Ice Cream
Ben and Bill's
Morning Glory Bakery
Jordon Pond House

I have zero ideas for Boothbay as I just decided to add a night there on our way home so the boys can see the touch tank and ride the train.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Sorry, no idea where to eat in Boothbay but just wanted to say: the touch tank is great! DO NOT MISS IT.

    1. Here is my mostly Boothbay Harbor report from last summer: I am also told that the pizza place across from Hannaford's does a mean Greek salad but I have not personally verified this tip.

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      1. re: GretchenS

        Oh I LOVE Greek salad. Thanks! Will go read your report now.

      2. McSeagull's is a good choice as they have a good children's menu - It's always our first night choice as it's a great place to relax. I love the Boathouse Bistro but that might be more fancy than you want, although we've done we'll with the grandchildren there.

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          I would have recommended McSeagull's too, but I didn't know they had a kid's menu.

          Boathouse Bistro is also a favorite.

          Both have decks with good views.

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            Boathouse looks fantastic as well. I think if we went at 5 for an early dinner, we'd be okay. Plus it will be midweek so not really a date night for folks.

          2. re: kmhayes

            Wow, they have a very extensive menu. Thanks! I'm trying to stay healthy (still 10-15 lbs to lose before my sisters wedding!) so their salads look nice. And lots of great choices for the kids...we don't do nuggets or Kraft.

          3. We vacation there annually with our young family. Most of the places to eat in BBH are "reasonably" kid friendly... I would recommend Lobster Dock, Dunton's Doghouse (for lunch) , Andrew's Harborside. We haven't been but Bet's Fish Fry right at the Commons is supposed to be great. As is China by the Sea if you're in the mood for Chinese.\

            We also like Red's in Wiscasset. Go when the line isn't that long (early lunch?) and grab a table by the water.

            1. Cafe This Way is excellent! Their breakfast is as good, if not better, than their dinner. They have some unique options for breakfast that I especially enjoy.

              I haven't eaten in Eat-a-Pita in years, but it is actually located in Southwest Harbor, which is about a 20 minute drive from Bar Harbor. Not sure if that effects your decision or not...

              Side Street Cafe has a phenomenal lobster roll that I highly recommend.

              I haven't tried Atlantic Brewing Co. or Great Maine Breakfast...have heard great things about Great Maine Breakfast, though. Jordan's is another nice breakfast spot in town - quite diner-y, but the food is fast, hot, and good. It is popular with the locals.

              MDI Ice Cream is a must!!! Ben and Bill's is also delicious, but quite expensive (about $5 for a small ice cream cone, I think!) Their setup is a little wonky and small so the crowd in there can often be overwhelming...I typically feel kind of rushed to pick my ice cream since there is a mob of people packed into a very small area. They do make quality ice cream though and other yummy sweets (the chocolate smell in there is LOVELY!) There is another place called Udder Heaven, which is about 5 minutes outside of town, who makes their own ice cream too, with a more relaxed atmosphere. It is also across the street from Pirate's Cove Mini Golf, which may be a good option with the kids.

              Morning Glory Bakery is yummy! I love their bagels and their pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Their blondies are excellent as well, but are not particularly traditional. Skip the sticky bun - too bready and dry for me.

              Jordan Pond House is a classic - the popovers are amazing, as well as the rest of the food. Last time I was there, I had a tomato bisque that was phenomenal, and a peach ice cream that was excellent. But the popovers are good enough (and unique enough) that it is worth it to go there just for those! It is a nice place for lunch - very fun and beautiful to eat out on the lawn. Dinner is a little more formal and reservations are a must, unless you want to wait for awhile.

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              1. re: mollybh24

                thanks molly! maybe we'll go for the quieter udder heaven.