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May 27, 2013 10:06 PM

Piemonte. We have a list, help us fill it in.

hey all, after much help from the chowhound community, we have entirely changed our itinerary. We are now planning 8 days by car in Piemonte and emilia romagna. The focus of this post will be Piemonte. As a background, we have traveled the world searching for the best local food. We have very little concern for ambiance, fancy plating, service, or much else of the fine dining experience (our closest friends are el bulli and mugaritz alums, so we are lucky to eat modernist food with friends in a relaxed environment).
that being said, we could not possibly be more excited for the piemonte portion of our trip! we are huge slow food fans (we brew, ferment, cure, smoke, etc).
we have come up with the following list for the first 3 days, but were hoping that the community could help us fill in with one or two more places to eat. also, if you think a place should be specifically a lunch or dinner, please feel free. and lastly, if there is an activity you think we should do (we love LEARNING about local food too!) please share!

Ristorante Belbo Da Bardon
Ristorante il Centro
La Piola
Osteria Veglio
Osteria la Torre
Open Baladin Cinzano Srl (for a beer and a burger)

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  1. I would add Da Renzo to your list. It is a bit more upscale, but it never wanders for its very authentic roots.

    We have a trip back to Piemonte in the fall, and I plan to add Cascinale Nuovo, given the very good reviews here and hope to go back to I Bologna, which we loved in years past. Otherwise, you list hits all the marks.

    1. Be aware that some of the dishes in Piemonte can be rich and flavorful. Meats are stewed and braised. Pastas are filled & sauced with cheeses. I am not sure whether you will be able to eat two "serious" meals a day each day you are there.