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May 27, 2013 09:57 PM

Moderately priced one day cooking class in or near Cortona?


I've been doing some research on one day cooking classes around Cortona and while they sound great, they are outside my budget. I've seen classes listed for 120-150 euro. Anyone know of anything cheaper? Or am I being unrealistic? TIA!

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  1. If you are looking for a hands-on experience, this is the market price for small group cooking classes in Central Italy. If you find something significantly cheaper, then make sure to ask what's included in the program, the number of participants and the qualifications of your teacher.

    For example going to a farmhouse to see a local woman who makes pasta while a translator gives you a general idea of what happens may be picturesque but it's not a cooking class :)

    1. I've decided to go with this outfit:

      Great TripAdvisor reviews and though it's spendier than I'd like, it sounds like it's worth it. Will report back!


      1. Ciao!

        Following up after my cooking class with Shirley (see link in my last post) earlier this week. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. An American, but knew her stuff. We were lucky to be paired with a great group. Shopping in town was fun. She was open during menu planning. Her kitchen was great. Best of all, the food was fabulous. I lost track of the number of dishes we made. Pasta, gnocchi, biscotti, focaccia, sides, a secondi of pork, olive oil cake and more. An absolutely wonderful experience!

        It's a steal at 120 euro. Met at 9am, left at 8pm stuffed w tons of leftovers. Highly recommended!

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