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May 27, 2013 09:34 PM

Tempura Kondo, my diner there

Eyes have to travel, that is a principle for fashion... and I have to say, my eyes at tempura Kondo were so active! It was a big tempura experience. The chef Kondo, who appears on TV CM, just published a book on tempura including recipes, so right now, it is a difficult place to book. In my 2 hours course, I had more than 20 series of ingredients, all seasonal. The most surprising for me was the sea food, the uni was raw inside, it preserve full sea freshness and impact ...
Well, I learned that vegetables, similar to sea food, are a difficult search for the best fresh arrival, and the chef Kondo goes himself for that search. Overall great experience, great watch, as long as you eyes move, you eat ...

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  1. I ate there last week and had a wonderful meal. It is as good at it has ever been. After the rest of the guests left, Kondo San talked to my friend and I for about 30 minutes. He is a very, very nice person. All the ingredients were impeccable. If you get tempura only, the bill is about ¥13,000 - I think it's very reasonable for the amount of work put into the food. And for those of you who can read Japanese, the cookbook is amazing. It took Kondo San two full years to write it, and it shows.