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May 27, 2013 09:07 PM

Italian Steam Table For Lunch

Ever get that urge for a bowl of real pasta, with real sauce, or a hot veal sandwich for lunch? I'm open to suggestions for a proper steam table with good homemade food. Location is not an issue although I suspect you wil all be sending me to thevnorth end!

Price is not an issue either. I'm sure they will all average out at ten dollars or thereabouts. Just want good food made by good people.

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  1. A bit higher in price but Scatchia (sp?) is a great italian family run place in the lower level of the Manulife building at Bay & Bloor. Steam table with a few items but veal sandwiches (and chicken) as well as their pastas to go are made to order in the tiny kitchen. Nice eat in area but togo is just as good...

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    1. Tommaso's on Eastern Ave just east of the Don

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      1. Sanremo (Gardiner/Royal York) - delicious simple spaghetti, veal, and pastry goodies. Nice patio; pooch friendly.

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            Scaccia is near my office so I know it well. You're right about the food. I've been a devoted fan of Commisso's for 20 years! Their pizza's and panzo's are certainly not the best, but everything else rocks!

            I just wanted to expand my horizons a bit. Thanks to you all for your suggestions and keep them coming. I'm getting hungry!

        1. If you're ever in the GTA (North) West area, I highly recommend Molisana Bakery. It's not really a bakery as much as a classic great home style Italian hot plate manned by a great Italian family.

          They have fresh breads for the veal sandwiches and they have these really good pan style pizza that is loaded with fresh toppings (nothing canned or jarred). It's tucked away in the suburbs but they have a huge loyal following at lunch time so their pizza is always coming out fresh of the oven.

          On Friday they do an awesome filet hot plate that is really tasty with fresh herbs and roasted vegetables.

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              You need a car to get there... it's south of the 401 on Creditview Rd.

          1. For GREAT Quality at a reasonable price

            Hidden Gem


            Zito's Marketplace
            210 Marlee Ave
            416 789 4755


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              The food on the website looks superb!

              1. re: Luvtooeat

                Those meatballs and veal/eggplant parms look phenomenal.
                I will make it up there soon!

                Great suggestion.