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May 27, 2013 06:01 PM

Itinerary Questions from a Visitor [London]

My partner and I are coming to London at the end of August from Toronto (Ontario). I know there are numerous threads but I have done research and need some help. I haven't decided for sure where we are staying, but surely somewhere in the core. Once I know for sure, I will share that, but really, it doesnt determine where I eat.
We love all food, but would like to focus on unique eats to London. Money is no object, we will be there for 3 nights and would like to do at least one Michelin star. We need ideas for:

Aug 29th Lunch + Dinner
Aug 30th Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner
Aug 31st Brunch, Dinner,
Sept 1st Brunch (will be leaving on a train to Paris)

So we have 3 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 brunches and a casual breakfast (something light and easy).

For sure will want to do:
Dinner by Heston B. (DINNER)

Sanderson Mad Hatters Tea (BRUNCH) - I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland so while this may be gimmicky, I have a real desire to do it. Is it terrible?

Rules (LUNCH)

Somewhere for great Fish and Chips- considering Poppys, thoughts? (LUNCH)

Somewhere for great Indian- considering Roganic, Quilon Indian, Trishna or Kishmish- any favourites? (LUNCH/DINNER)

Other thoughts for meals I have read about:

Viajante (DINNER)

Pollen street social (LUNCH/DINNER)


The Ledbury (DINNER)

Cartmel (for STP- my all time favourite dessert)

What would you choose if you had the meals in London I have.
Any other really great restaurants/pub that are unique with great food that I should be checking out?
Where is great for brunch and breakfast?
Any food markets I need to see?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. A few corrections to your list..... Cartmel is a place far from London, it's not a restaurant that I know of.

    Roganic is not an Indian restaurant.

    Here's a link for the best of fish and chips.

    Some are not very central, but Master's Superfish is.

    Book places like the Ledbury and Pollen St. Social months ahead if you can.

    1. Well you have a pretty good list there and June has pointed out a couple of things that weren't quite right.

      Personally with that list for two fancy dinners you can't go wrong with Dinner, PSS, Ledbury, Hedone and Viajante. To some extent you may be dictated by what you are able to book as they are all very popular.

      For Indian both Quilon and Trishna are very good.

      My favourite breakfasts in London are the Delaunay, Modern Pantry and Caravan. Caravan Kings Cross would be the perfect place to eat prior to your Eurostar trip as it's just round the corner from St Pancras.

      1. Cartmel is a village in Cumbria - home to a company which manufacturers sticky toffee pudding which, I assume, will be the STP the OP refers to. There are only a couple of restaurants in the village (both owned by Simon Rogan - who also owns Roganic in London). As far as I know, neither serve that dessert (although L'Enclume did do a deconstructed version a year or so back.

        If you want to eat the usually accepted original pudding, then you'd want to be eating at the Sharrow Bay Hotel, near Penrith, also in Cumbria.

        It'd be a long journey just for dessert but Cumbria is one of our best foody destinations.

        By the by, "Dinner" puts a tick in the Michelin box.

        1. Thank you all for your replies.
          Oh my mistake- Roganic not Indian, you are right. I must have got my lists mixed up that I made.
          Cartmel, yes, I meant the STP company (they once tweeted to me b/c I talk so much about STP on my blog ha). I saw that they serve Cartmel STP at Poppys so we will hopefully get there for our F&C fix.
          What do you think of this itinerary:

          Thurs Lunch- Poppys
          Thurs Dinner- Pollin Street Social
          Friday Breakfast- Modern Pantry
          Friday Lunch- Trishna
          Friday Dinner- Viajante
          Sat Brunch- Mad Hatters Tea
          Sat Dinner - Dinner
          Sunday (before train)- Caravan Kings Cross

          Would you change any ordering or anything?
          Any other foodie things I should see/do while there (not to miss markets etc)

          Thanks in advance!

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          1. re: hungryabbey

            That's a great itinerary although I can't vouch for Poppys or the Mad Hatters.

            The only obvious thing is that Friday is going to be a big eating day. Viajante does a minimum tasting menu of 6 courses so on top of Trishna and the Modern Pantry personally I know I probably wouldn't be able to manage it or at least enjoy it fully.

            Perhaps drop the modern pantry and do an early (and smallish) lunch at Trishna and late dinner at Viajante.

            1. re: hungryabbey

              I would check the hours for tea as it is usually only served in the early afternoon, which is a bit later than I would usually consider "brunch".

              1. re: hungryabbey

                Poppys is good for fish and chips, but will be filling so don't go mad if you are heading out for dinner that evening. Same goes for Friday with Viajante (as ManInTransit) has mentioned.

                If I were you, I'd try to swap Viajante for the nearby Clove Club in Shoreditch Town Hall. Had a very average meal at Viajante and Clove Club supposed to be very, very excellent.

              2. The Mad Hatter Tea is fine but I didn't think it was noticeably themed, apart from a bottle labelled "Drink Me". For somone who loves Alice in Wonderland, I can't help but think you might be disappointed. Service wasn't great and I found the hotel itself to be a

                I love tea at Sketch, though Fortnum's is probably a very "English" choice.

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                1. re: gembellina

                  All great advice. Okay here's a revised schedule

                  Thurs Lunch – Poppys (try to order light and share)

                  Thurs Dinner – Pollin Street Social (later, 9 pm ish)

                  Fri Lunch – Trishna (early)

                  Fri Dinner - Roganic (later, 9 pm ish)

                  Sat Brunch - Modern Pantry (mid morning)

                  Sat Dinner – Dinner

                  Sun Breakfast- Caravans Kings Cross

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    Good list but Roganic closes for good on 20th June.
                    It was a pop up (albeit a long running one). When I went they were saying they were looking for somewhere permanent, looks like they didn't manage it.
                    Maybe you should sub Hedone for Roganic. I've not been but it's well rated and I feel would be a good alternative, though not as central being in Chiswick.

                    1. re: Paprikaboy

                      Hedone is excellent and an appropriate substitution for Roganic, also excellent and sadly ending.