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May 27, 2013 05:57 PM

Need update on BBQ stands and restaurants: central FL

Years ago, I saved a couple of Chowhound posts on the subject of Florida barbeque joints and stands, with the idea that I would track them down and enjoy their goods.
OK, so I did not do well with my intent to hit these places, and since the years have passed, can Chowhounds in the know tell me if the following places are still in business and still recommended?
Blackwaters, Orlando
Jimbo's, Tampa
First Choice, Tampa
Peebles, Auburndale
Hickory Hollow, Ellenton
Bonesmokers (a stand run by Ray Lampe) Hwy 98 North, Lakeland

Florida Hound

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  1. Peeble's was still worth the detour a couple years ago.

    1. I always stop at M&E BBQ stand in Pierson FL and pick up a couple racks of ribs on my way to visit my buddy in Crescent City. Hardwood smoked on-site. None of that mushy stuff here. Tender and meaty, choice of sauces on the side.

      1. Blackwater is closed in Orlando
        You should def add 4 Rivers on there somewhere instead ;)
        I also enjoy Kellers BBQ


        1. Oh Peebles is still running.

          Here's a link to their very minimal website.

          There's still no AC at Peebles, they've still nothing but bench/communal seating, there are still holes in the screens, and they're still closed July through August; although, I do seem to recall that they installed a few new fans in the dining area sometime in the mid 90's, and the food is still pretty good.

          My grandfather said Peebles BBQ was the best re-purposing of an old chicken farm that he could ever recall.

          1. The last time I drove by it, Hickory Hollow looked closed. I think they used to be open seasonally.
            There's a passable place in Umatilla on the Cannery side of the road.

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              I was at hickory hollow a month ago. I can't imagine they'd be closing during snowbird season.